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Event Duration

Start Day: 12/19/19 19:00 PST End Day: 12/26/19 18:59 PST
Start Night: 12/26/19 19:00 PST End Night: 1/2/20 18:59 PST
Start Day & Night: 1/2/20 19:00 PST End Day & Night: 1/5/20 18:59 PST

Important: This is three-part scout, meaning the scout has two main parts (the Day and Night scout) and at the end a combined scout where all cards from the previous two scouts become available.

Revival Duration

Start:04/04/21 19:00 DT

End:04/15/21 18:59 PDT

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Day Tryout Cards

Sakuya Sakuma SSR 【Sakura-Colored Dream】
Tsuzuru Minagi SR 【Picnic Prep】
Omi Fushimi R 【Outdoor Flower Banquet】
【Sakura-Colored Dream】 【Picnic Prep】 【Outdoor Flower Banquet】

Night Tryout Cards

Tenma Sumeragi SSR 【Late Night Blossom Viewing】
Hisoka Mikage SR 【Memories Among the Blossoms】
Masumi Usui R 【Tempestuous Flower Storm】
【Late Night Blossom Viewing】 【Memories Among the Blossoms】 【Tempestuous Flower Storm】