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Mini Conversations[edit | edit source]

Romeo and Julius
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Tsuzuru's script is so good!
I still can’t believe that I was cast as the lead... as Romeo!
This is my first time learning sword-fighting, but I won't let you down!
Now I just wanna practice more...
Do you think we could extend practice for another 30 minutes? Please?
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: Today’s curry was super tasty!
To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of curry.
But eating your curry has opened my eyes to how yummy it is!
Um, maybe eating it every day is a bit much, but I could go for 3 days a week!
Wait, by 3 days, I don't mean curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner three times a week!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Zzz....zzz.....
...Huh? W-when did I fall asleep?
Was I sleeping on your shoulder?!
Oh no! I'm so sorry! I wasn't too heavy, was I?
Being with you is so calming, I couldn't help it...aah, I'm so embarrassed!
Sakuya & Yuki's Talk
Yuki: Hey, Energy Concentrate, why are you so spunky anyway? It's weird.
Sakuya: Huh? Um... I guess because I really love acting and being with everyone?
Yuki: So like, do you ever feel down?
Sakuya: I guess? But I don't think it happens often.
Yuki: Huh.
Sakuya: Oh, wait, I know! You know when you look into your salad and realize it has celery in it? That always bums me out...
Yuki: ...What?
Yuki: Pfft! Hahaha! What are you, five?
Hanasaki High
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Good morning!
Sorry, I totally forgot that I'm class helper, and I have to head to school early today. ...Oh, I can have this piece of toast?
Thank you so much!! Off to school I go!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: I was talking with the kids in my class today and I found out that Banri's really popular with the girls at school!
He doesn't have a fan club like Masumi does, but everyone thinks he's super cool!
Must be nice...
I'm sure I'll never reach their level, but there's no harm in trying, right? I'll do my best!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)

Oh, hi there.
Are you going home? Let's walk back together!
Um, sorry... When I think about how it's just the two of us right now, I get kinda nervous...
I wonder if this is how an after school date feels like? The girls in my class were talking about theirs the other day...

Er! Not that I think this is really a date or anything!
Masumi's gonna be really mad at me if he sees this...

Sakuya & Misumi's Talk
Misumi: Wonder if I can find any triangles today!
Sakuya: Oh, Misumi! Morning!
Misumi: .....
Sakuya: Um, Misumi?
Misumi: Sa...ku...ya... It's got 3 syllables, like a triangle...

Sa-ku-ya!! I found my triangle for today! Thanks a bunch, Sakuya!

Sakuya: Um, no problem?
I'm glad I could be of help!
Alex in Wonderland
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Since I'm playing the Cheshire Cat, I was thinking I should put some feline movements into my acting.
But every time I try to mimic that mysterious way cats move, I just can't get it right...
You know, stuff like grooming your paws and prowling around like a cat?
Hmm... I guess the best thing would be to observe a real cat.
Alright, starting from today I'm gonna drop by Veludo Way on the way home from school and study Mikke and Kuro!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: So, last night I was reading the script and got kinda stumped on how I should read my lines.
But then, Azuma suggested I clear my mind by coloring with him.
I thought that it would be hard since the pages were so detailed, but once I started coloring I got super into it.
Plus, talking with Azuma was a lot of fun. I felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders when I finished.
Must've had something to do with coloring and Azuma's smile! Pretty amazing, huh?
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: What kind of plays and scenes do you like?
You always listen to me go on and on about my favorite plays... Why don't you tell me some of yours this time?
I want to practice the lines from your favorite scenes.
Once I get really good at them, will you be the first one to watch me act them out?
I want you to think my version is the best you've seen yet!
Sakuya & Homare's Talk
Sakuya: Good morning!
Homare: A good morning to you, Sakuya.
Hm? Your tie's crooked.
Sakuya: Oh, you're right. Thanks. Your tie always looks so shark, Homare.
Homare: Well, of course, it does-- I'm a gentleman, after all. You see, there are so many different ways to tie a tie.
Sakuya: Wow, really? I only know one!
Homare: I'll teach you sometime. In fact, you should use me as an example and aim to be a proper gentleman, too.
Sakuya: I-I'll do my best! Thanks for the advice!
Sparkling Summer Memories
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Wow, they're holding such a big summer festival here on Veludo Way!
Everything looks so amazing... Actually, this is my first time being at a festival.
I've never really had the chance to go to one until now.
That's why I'm so excited to go with everyone!
Oh, but that doesn't mean I'll slack off in the drama competition! I'm counting on you to help us during rehearsals, Izumi!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: Practices with mixed troupe members feels different from our usual Spring Troupe rehearsals! I'm learning a lot from everyone!
Watching Tenma and Tsumugi act is inspiring, and they gave great advice, too. The way they carry and guide everyone is amazing.
I really respect them as fellow leaders! I hope I can become as dependable as they are, one day.
Huh? I've also grown a lot as a leader?
Thank you, Izumi! I'll do my best as both a Mankai Company actor and troupe leader, from here on out!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Oh! They're selling imagawayaki! I love any kind of sweet, filling-stuffed waffle-cakes! They look delicious.
Hmm...What kind of filling should I get? Red bean sounds good, but so does the custard cream...
Huh? We can buy one each and share them? Thank you! I'd love to do that!
Doesn't this taste especially good since we're enjoying it together?
I wonder if it's because you're the one I'm sharing it with, Izumi...
Sakuya & Azuma's Talk
Sakuya: Azuma, aren't you coming to the festival with us?
Azuma: Well... I'm not very good with the heat, so I think I'll refrain.
Azuma: Summer festivals are delightful, though. Imagining the streets brimming with excitement and yukata-clad figures puts a smile on my face.
Azuma: But I do tend to get solicited by all sorts of men and women whenever I wear a yukata to events like this.
Sakuya: W-what?! Really?
Sakuya: They must all be attracted to your mature charm!
Sakuya: I-if you ever want to go out in yukata, let me know! I'll do my best to protect you from unwanted attention, so you can enjoy yourself in peace!
Azuma: Hehe. Why, thank you so much. You're so dependable.
Azuma: If I had a bodyguard like you, Sakuya, I feel like I could stroll in yukata without any worries.
A Clockwork Heart
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Apparently our next play is set in a steampunk world. I've never heard about steampunk before, but it sounds so cool!
I'm so excited to see all the costumes and props. And the set! It's all going to be completely different from when we did Wonderland.
I also like that my character is Tsuzuru's character's apprentice. There's something really nice about that kind of role, you know?
I love that he has a teacher to look up to.
Oh gosh, just talking about the play is exciting! I hope the audience will be just as thrilled as I am!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: When Banri and I went out to do some street acting today, someone asked Banri if he was a college student.
Apparently, they thought that because I looked younger than him. Do I really look that childish...?
Oh! I'm not upset about it or anything! I've never really thought about it before, but I bet I can use my looks to take on a lot of different roles!
Still, though...Even though Banri and Juza are my age, they're so manly and grown-up looking.
I kind of wish I were cool like them, too...
One day, I hope I can play manlier roles, just like they do.
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Izumi: Have you seen this? It's a flyer for a new movie. A steampunk action flick!
It's set in a world similar to the play we're putting on, and the story seems really interesting.
If you're free this weekend, would you liek to go see it with me?
Uh...I mean...
S-sorry! That just sounds like I'm asking you out on a date!
But, uh... Would you...want to go?
I'd be really happy if I could see it with you.
Sakuya & Omi's Talk
Sakuya: So that just leaves the veggies. We need carrots and radishes...
Omi: Oh, Sakuya. There's a fruit and vegetable stand in the shopping district that sells cheap root veggies, so we should buy them there.
Sakuya: Oh, really? Wow, you sure know a lot about groceries!
Omi: Haha. I just check the discount flyers. Sakyo said we need to be smart about saving money, so I figured, why not?
Sakuya: We do need to be saving money where we can. I'll make sure to check the ads from now on, too.
Sakuya: Ooh, I know! Would you make me your apprentice? You can teach me how to clip coupons and wash dishes!
Omi: My...apprentice?
Omi: Oh, right, you're playing Tsuzuru's apprentice in the new play, aren't you?
Omi: I'd be happy to teach you anything you want to know.
Sakuya: Yay! Thanks so much! Maybe I should call you Sir from now on, haha!


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