Mini Conversations are the small talks that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are fulfilled. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond each.

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius Edit

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: The screenplay Tsuzuru-kun wrote up is really interesting after all!
I still can’t believe that I’m playing the lead and got the role as Romeo.
Though it’s my first time play-acting as a murderer and fighting, I’ll try my best to meet everyone’s expectations!
……I somehow feel like practicing more.
Director, can I practice for another 30 minutes……?
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: Today’s curry was absolutely delicious!
I’ve never thought that I’d like curry this much up till now but,
Thanks to you, I’ve come to like it.
Well, it’ll be a little too much if we have it daily but……I can totally go with having it 3 days a week!
Oh by 3 days a week, I don’t mean having curry all day long—!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Hmm……mumble mumble……
Ack! I-I fell asleep!?
Speaking of which, it can’t be that I fell asleep on……the director’s shoulder, right……?
Ahh! It’s just as I thought! S-Sorry! Was I heavy!?
It was somewhat quiet and I got really sleepy……it’s embarrassing to speak of.
Sakuya & Yuki Talk
Yuki: Say, regarding 100% energy, why are you always in such good spirits?
Sakuya: Eh!? Hmm……of course I’ll be in high spirits during the play, but I guess it’s because I’m having lots of fun with everyone?
Yuki: Then I’ll ask you the opposite. Are there times when you aren’t in good spirits?
Sakuya: I wonder……not really, I guess?
Yuki: Hmm.
Sakuya: Oh, but I guess I do wonder about what to do (at a loss) when celery’s been added into the salad……
Yuki: –!
Pfft–haha. How childish, for crying out loud!Source

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland Edit

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Since I'm playing the role of the Cheshire Cat, I'm thinking if I could implement cat-like gestures into the play.
But whenever I think about putting it into the act, portraying the behavior of a cat with a mysterious vibe's really difficult...
Take rubbing my face with my fore-paws like this or walking in a cat-like manner for an example.
Hmm, the best way to go about this is to observe a real cat after all huh.
Alright, I'll try studying Mike's and Kuro's gestures on the way back from school along Velvet Way from today onward!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: I was thinking about various things last night while reading the script, such as they way I should say the lines.
And then, Azuma-san came up to me and asked me "How about a change of pace" and recommended me some colouring books.
I thought that it seemed difficult since there were intricate patterns drawn there but, it was really interesting once I started colouring and I got totally absorbed with it.
It was really fun talking together with Azuma-san and I also felt really refreshed after I had finished colouring!
I wonder if this was the resulting effect of Azuma-san's smile along with the colouring book? It’s really amazing!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Director, what kind of scenes do you like?
I've always been talking about the kind of dramas I like, so...could you tell me your favourite works too?
I'd like to try practicing the lines from your favourite scenes.
And then, if I'm able to re-enact that scene well, would you judge it as the best?
I want to able to perform them so well that you would think of it as the best you’ve ever seen.
Sakuya & Homare Talk
Sakuya: Good morning!
Homare: Morning, Sakuya-kun.
...Oh? Your tie's crooked.
Sakuya: Oh, it really is! Thank you very much. Homare-san has on a really cool tie as always.
Homare: Of course, it's a gentleman's etiquette. There are also various ways you can knot ties.
Sakuya: I see! I only know one way of tying them.
Homare: I'll teach you next time. You should be like me to and aim to become a fine gentleman.
Sakuya: Y-Yes, I'll do my best! Thank you very much!Source

Mini Conversation for the Hanasaki Academy Group Edit

Mini Conversation for the Hanasaki Academy Group
Side Sakuma Sakuya (1/3)
Sakuya: Director! Good morning!
I'm sorry, I forgot I'm on morning duty today, so I have to leave early.... May I eat this bread!?
Thank you! Well then, I'm off!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (2/3)
Sakuya: Today, my classmates were talking, frankly speaking, Banri-kun is really popular among the girls.
He doesn't have a fanclub like Masumi-kun, but everyone was saying that Banri-kun is cool!
These two, they are amazing....
I won't be a match for​ them, I will still try my best even more!
Side Sakuma Sakuya (3/3)
Sakuya: Ah, Director?
Is Director going home now? Let's go together!
Oh, sorry. I was getting a bit nervous while going home with Director like this....
The girls in my class were saying that going home together after school feels like dating.
----- Eh, please don't say weird things!
If Masumi-kun finds out, he'll get angry.....
Sakuya & Misumi Talk
Misumi: I wonder if there is a triangle today~ ♪
Sakuya: Oh, Misumi-san! Good morning.
Misumi: .....
Sakuya: Mi-misumi-san?
Misumi: Sakuya~ ......? Sakuya is, SakuSaku....

SawaSawa triangle! Discover the triangle immediately~! Sakuya, thank you!

Sakuya: O-okay!
I'm glad I was useful to Misumi-san!Source