A lively, sunshine-like actor who is sometimes too honest for his own good.

Sakuma Sakuya (佐久間咲也) is the leader of the Spring Troupe and the first member of the newly reborn Mankai Company. Sakuya has loved acting ever since he was little. Though he's still got a long way to go, he's a hard worker who always gives rehearsals his all. His home life is a bit complicated, so when he saw the audition notice for a troupe with its own dorm, he decided to try it out. 

He inhabits room 101 together with Citron.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sakuya in his costume as Romeo

Sakuya is a young teenage boy. He has dark pink hair, which darkens more at the tips. His eyes have the color gradient of lavender and bright pink. He dresses rather casually in dark blue jeans, a grey hoodie with "SPRING" written in white lettering in English. He wears a pink plaid collared shirt underneath. He wears pink sneakers with bright blue shoelaces. Both the toe section and tongue are black, as well as a velcro strap that goes in between the tongue and laces. On his left wrist, he wears a watch with a pink strap and black surface. He also wears a black bookbag, of which we can only see the straps.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sakuya is a young, cheerful, innocent, and enthusiastic guy with a friendly attitude. He is very open and bright and is an overall kind person who has a passion for acting, even as a rookie. Sakuya is a hard-worker, who gives his all for the MANKAI Company. With his positive outlook, he believes that together they can overcome the troubles the MANKAI Company faces. He is very pure, and most members shield him from things they don't want him to know of. Sakuya is also honest. 

History[edit | edit source]

After losing his parents at a young age, Sakuya was taken in by his relatives. He's lived with multiple relatives, often moving in with new ones when the old ones didn't wish to care for him anymore. Due to this constant moving, Sakuya longed for a family and a home that he'd be welcome in, always. Before the main events of The Show Must Go On!, he was living with the Yoshinagas. The Yoshinagas don't care for him that much either, with Sakuya often crashing at friend's places during his time with them. Sakuya heard the MANKAI Company had dorms for the actors to live in, he decided to take the audition to follow his acting dreams.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Because Sakuya is such a friendly and good boy, he has a good relationship with all the members.

  • Masumi: He is like a younger brother to Sakuya since he's never had a sibling before. Masumi thinks Sakuya is noisy but doesn't hate him, and hides the fact that he doesn't dislike his company. They often hang around together at school. 
  • Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru is like an older brother to Sakuya and he admires him. Tsuzuru thinks Sakuya, while young, is dependable and responsible, though sometimes too pure.
  • Itaru: Sakuya is the only one oblivious to Itaru's bad habits, still admiring him when gaming. He finds Itaru to be very prince-like and cool. Itaru has developed a closeness to Sakuya since he has notorious good-luck with gacha-pulling.
  • Citron: Sakuya finds Citron to be very interesting, and they are close buddies. Citron thinks Sakuya is a very cute boy and has such a fondness that he even wants to take him back home.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Sakuya's Doodle

Surname: 佐 = help;assist 久 = long time;old story 間 = time;space

Given name: 咲 = bloom;blossom 也 = to be

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sakuya is the only actor who joined Mankai before Izumi got in charge.
  • Romeo & Julius was his second stage play. He previously acted in an unnamed play alongside Kamekichi.
    • Both times his character role was named Romeo.
  • Sakuya has had other roles over the course of the story, such as the Cheshire Cat in "Alex in Wonderland", and Colt in "A Clockwork Heart".
  • To him, MANKAI Company is "A place where he belongs".
  • Sakuya went to the same school as Masumi and Banri, Hanasaki High School.
    • Masumi and Sakuya sometimes eat lunch in school together. However, according to Sakuya, it is often pretty noisy, due to Masumi's female fans.
  • Sakuya is really good at remembering people's faces and names.
  • With his fellow troupe leaders, he sang as A3ders! the game's main theme song MANKAI☆Kaika Sengen.
    • Sakuya was also featured on the Mini Album A3! First SPRING EP, in which that he sang "Spring Has Come!" with the rest of the Spring Troupe theme song, "Bokura no Kizuna", the Romeo and Julius theme song, and his character song; Akai Kami no Cherry Blossom.
  • He shares a room with Citron.
  • Sakuya has no one whom he considers to be a rival, but he does admire Tenma and Tasuku for their acting abilities.
  • He admires Tsuzuru because he's an older brother.
  • Sakuya dislikes celery but loves to eat Spaghetti Napolitan.
  • He would love to play a ruthless villain in future productions because such a role is really different from his own image.
  • Sakuya's personal treasure is the Romeo & Julius script. Even though it's worn out, he still likes to carry it around just so he can look at it whenever he feels lonely.
  • Sakuya's strength is remembering people's faces and names.
  • His weakness is "his own clumsy fingers."

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