You're the boss, boss!

Sakoda Ken works under Furuichi Sakyo, and is a yakuza underling. He is always seen following him around, and also helps out Mankai occasionally.



Sakoda is a young man with blond hair and a dark undercut. He has chestnut brown eyes. Sakoda usually wears a purple jacket with a leopard print, a red t-shirt and belt, and black baggy pants. He has a lot of gold chains. Sakoda has a tiny x-shaped scar next to his right eye.


Sakoda is very lively and energetic person, and his traits can be described as of a dog would. He does everything Sakyo asks him to. However, Sakoda can be a bit too eager sometimes and that causes Sakyo to be annoyed at him. He is exceedingly loyal to Sakyo, whom he calls Boss, and supports him to the extreme levels, like when he made a congratulations banner for Sakyo.


Sakoda is first seen when Sakyo is ordering him to tear down the Mankai Theater sign with a bulldozer in Prologue Chapter 1 - The Sacred Place of Theaters. Since Sakyo joined the troupe, Sakoda hangs out a lot at Mankai.

Before Mankai

Before he started working under Sakyo, he was a stray. Sakyo showed him to the yakuza group, Ginsekai, who took him in. In the Ginsekai he met the boss’ son, Azami. They got really close and gained a brotherly relationship.

Episode 7

When Azami wanted to run away from his father, during Episode 6, Sakoda introduced him to the Mankai Dormitory. Sakoda was the one who covered for Azami when he started acting. And when Azami’s father found out that he wanted to me a makeup artist, Sakoda bravely stood up against the boss.

It was later revealed that the Boss was thinking about having Sakoda take the Ginsekai over after him.


  • Sakyo: He really looks up to Sakyo, admiring his mature qualities and other of the like. When Sakyo gets mad at him, he gets pretty scared but nothing bad has happened. Sakyo fairly trusts Sakoda, though secrets usually accidentally get leaked by Sakoda, such as the time Sakyo was planning to buy an apartment for his mother.
  • Azami: He is like a younger brother to Sakoda, but also in a way his second boss since Azami's father is the head of the yakuza family. Azami is very fond of Sakoda and has a soft spot for him, listening to what he says instead of Sakyo. Sakoda also does whatever Azami orders him to, but this often results in Sakyo being displeased or the two fighting over Sakoda.


Normal Home Screen Quotes

  • Time to wish boss a bright and happy mornin'!
  • I'm the boss' right hand man, ya know? Ain't that awesome?
  • Ya wanna fight?! Keep touchin' me and yer gonna get a black eye!
  • Boss! Booossss! Where are ya?!
  • your relationship with the boss, if you don't mind me askin'?

Practice Quotes

  • Let's kick today right into gear!
  • Ouch! Bit my tongue!
  • Been waitin' for those snacks!
  • Like my snaggletooth? Real cool, huh?


  • He has a nice writing style according to Tsuzuru.
  • He studied calligraphy when he was younger.
  • He is good at pachinko.
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