Sakisaka Muku
【The Adventure for Sardines】

【にぼしを巡る冒険】 向坂椋

Muku N3.png

Muku N3+.png

Rarity N.png

Level: 1/40
Comedy.png (min/max): 861/--
Action.png (min/max): 984/--
Drama.png (min/max):
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
How to Acquire:
The Adventure for Sardines Event Point Reward
""It's said that somewhere in the world, there's a prized treasure that would completely bone any cat that eats even one bite of it. Its name is sardines.""
Backstage Story
Role Study 【Nora】
Lead Skill
Wandering Traveler Cat Level 1
Ac increase for all units.
Wandering Traveler Cat Level 10 (MAX)
Ad lib Skill
At the End of the Wandering Trip Level 1
10% probability of Ac increase
At the End of the Wandering Trip Level 4 (MAX)



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