Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for Water me! Edit

Side Rurikawa Yuki (1/3) Edit

Yuki: Arabian costumes, I always wanted to make those.
Yuki: The story is more interesting than I thought, Villager C did quite well.
Yuki: This might be just our debut but I will still do it properly, so don't worry.
Yuki: With the utmost effort I will make the most gaudy and gorgeous costumes, I won't ruin the play.
Yuki: And after checking the motion of the clothes in practice, I can still make adjustments later.
Yuki: ....Yes, this will be lots of fun.

Side Rurikawa Yuki (2/3) Edit

Yuki: Soon it's time to change clothes.
Yuki: Tenma already made a mess out of our room, throwing new clothes all around. I get them all on my side, it's the worst.
Yuki: Director are you going to buy new clothes too?
Yuki: Just say something, we can go shopping together.

Side Rurikawa Yuki (3/3) Edit

Yuki: Director, come here for a moment and sit down.
Yuki: Yeah, I finished it.
Yuki: With the remaining materials I made a barrett, however Director suits it more than me.
Yuki: Yup! It's really nice.
Yuki: Just so you know, I'm praising my fashion sense here not you Director.

Yuki & Taichi TalkEdit

Taichi: Ah! The needle got stuck in my finger....
Yuki: Again!? How many times already.
Taichi: Uuh.... sorry I'm no help for Yuki-chan...
Yuki: Haa. As expected I should have asked Omi after all.
Taichi: Eh!? Well Omi-kun is really good at sewing but I, I also try my best--.
Yuki: Don't get all worked up. It was a joke.
Taichi: I, I'm glad-!
Yuki: Anyway.... be more careful. Don't get hurt, I still have so many costumes to tailor.
Taichi: Alrighty! I'll give my all!
Yuki: Fair enough. Then let's continue. ...any comebacks?
Taichi: Woof, woof!

Notes Edit