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We can go anywhere...as long as we have each other.

Romeo and Julius is the first stage play of Mankai Company's newborn Spring Troupe. The play was introduced during Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!. Like the previous Spring Troupe, they decided to pick up this classic Shakespeare theatre script but also adding a new and innovative twist to it, making the entire cast male. Instead of focusing on the tragic well-known romance of Romeo and Juliet, the Spring Troupe turned it into a play about friendship. The main lead was Sakuya Sakuma as Romeo Montague, who had the most experience of all his fellow troupe members, his co-star, and second lead was Masumi Usui as Julius Capulet the male version of Juliet.


There was once a town dominated by two powerful, feuding families: the Montagues and the Capulets.

The sons of these two families, Romeo and Julius, duel each other after each falls for the same girl. The girl, however, had already given her heart to another.

Lovelorn, the two open up to each other, making a promise to set out on a journey together.


Sakuya Sakuma as Romeo Montague
Son of the Montague family. Dreams of travelling.
Sakuya Sakuma R Romeo and Julius unbloomed icon.png
Sakuya Sakuma SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon.png
Sakuya Sakuma SSR Secret Training unbloomed icon.png
Sakuya Romeo and Julius chibi.png
Sakuya Romeo fullbody
Masumi Usui as Julius Capulet
Son of the Capulet family.
Masumi Usui R Romeo and Julius unbloomed icon.png
Masumi Usui SSR Now Playing... unbloomed icon.png
Masumi Romeo and Julius chibi.png
Masumi Julius fullbody
Tsuzuru Minagi as Mercutio
Romeo’s childhood friend. Hates the Capulets
Tsuzuru Minagi R Romeo and Julius unbloomed icon.png
Tsuzuru Minagi SSR Attack of the Minagis unbloomed icon.png
Tsuzuru Romeo and Julius chibi.png
Tsuzuru Romeo and Julius fullbody
Itaru Chigasaki as Tybalt
Julius’ foster brother. Looks down on the Montague family.
Itaru Chigasaki R Romeo and Julius unbloomed icon.png
Itaru Chigasaki SSR Gamer Life Goals unbloomed icon.png
Itaru Romeo and Julius chibi.png
Itaru Romeo and Julius fullbody
Citron as Friar Laurence
A priest with a gentle heart who abhors violence.
Citron R Romeo and Julius unbloomed icon.png
Citron SSR Style unbloomed icon.png
Citron Romeo and Julius chibi.png
Citron Romeo and Julius fullbody
Guest actor as Police Chief
The Fascinating, Forceful Gendarme