Itaru Yaaawn...
Izumi Good morning, Itaru.
Itaru Hey, director. Morning.
Izumi Were you up all night playing games again?
Itaru You're pretty smart, director. You guessed it and I didn't even have to say a word!
Izumi I can do without the sarcasm, smarty pants.
Listen, it's fine to play games, but you also need to read your script and prepare your character for the next play, Itaru.
Itaru Prepare for my next role, huh...
(My next role is Alice... I mean, Alex's college professor and his doppelganger, the Mad Hatter.)
(They both have a scene where they drink tea with Alex... Maybe I should have a tea party of my own?)
??? Arisu!
Itaru ...Alice? No wait, that was Arisu.
Muku Can you come to tonight's tea party?
Homare Oh, was that tonight?
Itaru (Hell yeah, perfect. It's like they read my mind.)
Hey... Mind if I come to this tea party too?
Muku Not at all! Of course you can come!
Homare Ah, an unexpected guest! Unfortunately, I have a deadline today so I won't be able to attend.
Do have fun without me, will you?
Itaru Mystery quest accepted. Difficulty level: High.
So who's coming to this party?
Muku Um, me, Citron, Azu, and Sakyo.
Itaru ...For real? Talk about some strong personalities.
Muku I'm so excited that you're coming too, Itaru! The party will be in my room tonight!
Itaru Got it, I'll be there.
Itaru (Work took longer than I expected, so I'm a little late. Bet the tea party's already started.)
Sorry I'm late...
Citron Oooh! This Barber cream is delicious! Just as I would expect!
Muku B-Barber?! Wait, you mean it's shaving cream?! Oh... Oh noooo!
Azuma Sakyo, do you want the bubble wrap inside the cookie tin?
Sakyo ...Yeah, I'll take it.
Itaru ......
Itaru ...That tea party was about as weird as the one in the play...
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