Izumi All right, let's end practice here for today.
Sakuya Thanks, Director!
Citron It was good work today, everybody!
Yuki Perfect timing. I just finished your costumes, so I need everyone to try them on.
Sakuya Whoa... They're so different from the Wonderland costumes! How cool!
Tsuzuru Thank goodness there are no ears this time.
Itaru Ahh, beautiful steampunk. I'm living.
Masumi Huh.
Citron I am excited! Let me put it on!
Yuki I'll get to you. I'm starting with Psycho Stalker over there.
Yuki Elite Swindler, you're next. You've got a corset, so turn around.
Itaru You got it.
Yuki ...
Itaru ...?!
Yuki Stand up straight, dammit.
Itaru Can you... be a little gentler?! I can't breathe.
Yuki It won't look right unless it's fully laced, so stand up straight, already. Eyes up.
Izumi That's our Yuki. Never goes easy on anyone.
Yuki ...There. I guess that's as good as we're gonna get.
Itaru Wheeze...
Crushed ribs aside, this costume is awesome. I even get to wear an eyepatch! An eyepatch!
Yuki You really are just a kid in an adult's body, aren't you?
Citron Itaru is forever a child at heart. Be not ashamed, Itaru! Be proud!
Itaru Nothing wrong with aspiring to live out my days with a fresh, boyish spirit.
Masumi Don't even try to phrase this like it's some inspirational thing.
Tsuzuru I'm actually okay with the positive spin. It's better than the alternative.
Izumi Fair enough.
Sakuya Always look on the bright side, Itaru!
Yuki I'm surrounded by idiots...
Itaru This line here has sort of an aloof feel to it...
But c'mon, I'm playing a character with an eyepatch. Seems like a waste not to really go all-out.
Ah...! M-my left eye! I can't hold back this power hidden within it!
Ooh, I like it. Think I'll keep that.
I kinda wanna wave my cape around, too.
You fool. Do you not know to whom you speak?
I am the great alchemist, Boyd! Feast your eyes upon my creations!
Tsumugi Itaru, dinner's ready... What are you doing?
Itaru Oh, Tsumugi. I was just practicing for our next play.
Tsumugi You... were? Your lines sounded kinda villainous.
Itaru Oh, I'm not a villain. That was just me being a dork. I decided my character has a secret, hidden power, though. Pretty cool, right?
Tsumugi Ohhh, right. Gotcha. You know, I once played an over-the-top sort of role like that...
Itaru For real? Gimme deets.
Tsumugi I did a lot of studying on how to stand, like this. The angle of the hips and feet are really important.
Itaru Nice, yeah... I like it. And then you point at the one you're talking to with your left hand, yeah?
Tsumugi Exactly. And then - it's a little difficult, but - try curving your back and placing one hand on your hip.
Itaru Ooh, nice. Can I take a picture for reference?
Oh, and how about this...?
Point up with your finger, and then place it in front of your face like, 'Hah!'
Tsumugi Good idea, that's perfect! And then wrap the other arm around your body like this...
Tsuzuru What are you two doing in here? Dinner's gonna get cold, you know.
Actually... What ARE you doing?
Tsumugi Ts-Tsuzuru! Oh, uh, we were just, uh...
Tsuzuru Sorry, I didn't realize you were in the middle of something.
Itaru I was working on my role as Boyd. What do you think of this pose?
My left eye, it burns! But I... I will never use this power!
Tsuzuru That's not Boyd, that's just you being a nerd! You just want an excuse to strike some dramatic pose!
Itaru I dunno, I like it. Think we could use it in the play?
Tsuzuru Absolutely not!
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