The following is a transcript of the backstage story "Role study: Luke" from the card [A clockwork heart] Tsuzuru Minagi.

Tsuzuru I can't let this scene get too chaotic. Still...
There's gotta be something good I can put in here.
Urgh! Nothing's coming to me!
I should go get something to drink to clear my head a little.
Taichi Traitor! So mean! I thought you were on my side!
What are you doing to my poor soda?!
Tsuzuru Sure is noisy in here. What's going on, Taichi?
Taichi Tsuzuru! Itaru mixed my beloved cola with juice! Can you believe it?!
Tsuzuru Umm...
Itaru It's my own creation. I call it a Cyclops.
Tsuzuru Okay, I'll bite. What's a 'Cyclops'?
Itaru I'm playing an alchemist, so I figured I would try creating an elixer of sorts to get into character.
Taichi I can't believe you mixed something with cola! I can't even bear to look at it! What a waste of perfectly good soda!
Itaru No worries. As my lovely assistant, you can have the rest of this later. You're gonna love it.
Taichi What?! Me?! Why?!
Tsuzuru You're like a pair of grade schoolers...
Itaru Shh. Why don't you take a sip, too? It's actually pretty good.
Tsuzuru I'm not drinking something that color.
Itaru Guess it falls to Taichi, then. It really is pretty good. Come on, drink up.
Taichi No, Itaru... Please... Don't... Ahhhhhhh!
Tsuzuru Man...
I just can't get the dialogue to mesh.
Maybe a change of location would do me some good.
Store worker Good afternoon! What can I get you?
Tsuzuru Just some drinks, please. It's free refills, right?
Store worker Sure is.
Tsuzuru All right... Let's start off with some coffee...
Tsuzuru So, here, Colt would... No, he wouldn't. Luke would stand up...
Argh! It's still not coming to me. I've been thinking so hard my brain is starting to hurt.
(Now I'm craving something sweet... Maybe a nice mug of hot chocolate.)
(Then again, there's soda... And fruit juice...)
I guess I won't know until I try it...
Tsuzuru This really is a gross color. I'll just try a sip...
Whoa! It's actually really good!
This must be... The legendary elixer recipe discovered by the wise alchemist, Ita Ru... Brightdark Vegetal!
...Wow. I just sounded like Itaru for a second there.
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