The following transcript is the backstage story of Sakuma Sakuya N 【A Clockwork Heart】.

Role study: Colt
Sakuya: I'm back!
Izumi: Oh, hi, Sakuya. You're a little later than usual. What's up?
Sakuya: Sorry. I stopped by the library on my way back today.
Izumi: Did you find anything good to borrow?
Sakuya: Yes! I wanted to get a better understanding of the setting and characters in our play. So I took out some books on alchemy and the history of steam engines.
Izumi: Impressive dedication as always, Sakuya.
Sakuya: I'm gonna go read this book on alchemy to study up!
Sakuya: "Alchemy is the age-old attempt to refine common metals into precious ones via scientific means"... Interesting... "However, alchemy has not always been limited to metals, as other materials such as the human body and soul can be targeted to create a more perfect being." Wow, that's deep! Hm? What's this picture? "Philosopher's Stone"...? "Alchemists' main objective has always been the creation of the philosopher's stone. A philosopher's stone is thought to turn base metals to gold, as well as grant its owner immortality"...?! Wow...
Sakuya: Hm? Juza?
Juza: Oh, Sakuya.
Sakuya: Are you heading back home too?
Juza: yeah. You got rehearsal tonight?
Sakuya: yeah! We're focusing on specific parts of each scene that need more work... Ack!
Juza: You okay?
Sakuya: I-I'm fine! I just tripped on a rock or something. I'd better move it to the side of the road so no one else trips like I... Huh?!
Juza: What?
Sakuya: This rock... It looks identical to this stone I was reading about yesterday... It's... a philosopher's stone!
Juza: ...A what now?
Sakuya: We're back!
Juza: Yo.
Citron: It is painful! My bones have broken!
Yuki: Yeah, right. You just ran back in from the courtyard. Quit being a baby about it.
Sakuya: Is everyone okay?
Izumi: Apparently, Citron tripped in the courtyard.
Sakuya: Are you okay, Citron?!
Citron: I am not... I fear I shall not survive. My short life will wither away like the blossoms if the cherry tree. Much trouble I have been to all of you!
Yuki: As if you care.
Juza: You ain't bleeding much...
Sakuya: If only there was a way to relieve the pain... I know! The stone!
Yuki: Why were you carrying a rock in your pocket?
Juza: Said it's some philosophey guy's stone.
Izumi: The Philosopher's Stone?
Sakuya: Yes! If this stone can grant immortality, I'm sure it can heal wounds too! here Citron. I'll heal you.
Citron: I do not understand, but please do it!
Sakuya: Pain, pain, go... away!
Juza: ...!
Yuki: ...
Izumi: ...
Citron: It...It is still hurting!
Yuki: You really thought a rock would cure him?
Sakuya: O-oh... I guess you're right. I'll go find some bandages.
Story complete
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