The following is a transcript of the backstage story "Role study: Cheshire Cat" from the card [Alex in Wonderland] Sakuya Sakuma.

Izumi All right, that's enough for today.
Citron Wonderful work, everyone!
Sakuya Hmm...
Tsuzuru What's up, Sakuya?
Sakuya I dunno... I just can't get the hang of the Cheshire Cat.
Tsuzuru The Cheshire Cat, huh? Let's see if I can explain it...
He's a mysterious guy who likes taking naps.
Izumi This role is totally different from Sakuya's personality, so it might be hard for him to identify with.
If only there was someone similar to the Cheshire Cat who you could observe...
Sakuya Cat, likes naps, mysterious...
...Wait! I know just the person who can help!
Tsuzuru Hey, Sakuya! Where are you going?!
Sakuya Hmm, he should be around here somewhere... There he is!
Hisoka Zzz... Zzz...
Sakuya And he's napping under a tree! How perfect could this get?
Sorry to wake you up like this but... Hisoka. Psst, Hisoka!!
Hisoka Mmm... Zzz...
Sakuya Okay, how about this? I have to take a marshmallow just like this and...
Hisoka Chomp.
Sakuya He ate it!
Hisoka Mm...Sakuya? What do you... Zzz...
Sakuya Sorry I woke you up. Here, have another marshmallow.
Hisoka Chomp. Mmph, mmph... What is it?
Sakuya There's something I need to ask you about. I'm the Cheshire Cat in our next play, and...
Sakuya ...So that's why I came to find you. Do you have any good advice for me?
Hisoka The Cheshire Cat...
Sakuya Yes! I think you're just like him!
Hisoka ......
I think you need to nap more.
Sakuya Ohh, I see!
Hisoka So. Let's nap.
Sakuya Oh, so if we take a nap together, I might be able to understand the Cheshire Cat's feelings?
Ah, but I still have my costume on. I wonder if Yuki will get mad at me...
Hisoka It'll be fine. It's just for a bit.
Sakuya Well... I'm sure just a little nap will be fine.
Tsuzuru We've been looking all over for Sakuya, and here he is napping with Hisoka!?
Izumi I had a feeling he'd be with him. They both look like they're having a great nap, so maybe we should let them rest?
Yuki What are you guys doing h-
Hey! Sakuya!! You've got some nerve, sleeping outside in your costume!
Sakuya !!!
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