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The following is a transcript of the backstage story "Role study: Alex" from the card Usui Masumi N 【Alex in Wonderland】

Role Study: Alex
Masumi A college student...
Omi You seem deep in thought. What's up?
Kazunari C'mon Omimi! Isn't it obvious? It's 'cuz he's in looooove! Say cheese!
Masumi Quit taking pictures without my permission. I don't have time for you two, anyway.
Kazunari Dang, why you always gotta be so cold, Massu?
Masumi ...Hey. You count as a college student, right?
Omi 'You count', he says...
Kazunari We're college bros all the way, dude! Why? You got some burning questions about campus life?
Masumi I'm playing a college student in our next play, but I'm having a hard time getting into character.
Omi Ah, right. You're still in high school.
Masumi What's it like, being a college student?
Omi That's a hard one to answer...
Kazunari Oooh! Me, me! Pick me!
Masumi ...I doubt you're going to say anything helpful, but go ahead.
Kazunari Aw, c'mon. I'm gonna be REAL helpful! Okay, so here's a day in the life of a college student: First I wake up and check my phone, right?
Read my email- aww yeah, my first class of the day is cancelled! Then I actually go to my next class and take it like a boss.
After that, my crew and I have a selfie competition while we eat lunch! Hey, I look pretty sweet in this one! Definitely puttin' that one on Instablam!
Kay, so then after my afternoon classes I gotta hit up some group dates, right? So I throw on my freshest threads so I can look good for the ladies and it's go time!
Masumi ......
What about you?
Omi Me?
Kazunari Stop ignoring me, Massu!
Omi Hmm... Well, first I go to all my lectures at school.
Then when I'm done, I head over to my club to meet with the others.
Kazunari Oh right, you're in the photography club!
Omi Yeah. After that, I make my way to the grocery store, and I plan the menu for dinner. Ah- after checking the weekly sales first, of course.
I go back home, prepare dinner, wash the dishes after we're all done, and then finish the felting I started the night before.
Kazunari Hang on a sec. ...Is it just me, or was the second part of this story a little weird?
Masumi You're a housewife...
Omi You think so? Seems normal to me.
Kazunari Dude, he's got no clue!!
Masumi Talking to both of you was a total waste of time. I'm gonna go ask Tsuzuru.
Kazunari Why didn't ya just do that in the first place?!