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Revival Season Tryouts- Summer Edition banner


Start: July 4,2021 19:00 PDT
End: July 15,2021 18:59 PDT


Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull you have an SR guaranteed, you will also get 5 Special Tryouts Letters

Special Tryout Letter

Azuma Yukishiro SSR 【In The Cool Breeze】
Juza Hyodo SSR 【Shoreline Sentimentality】
Sakyo Furuichi SR 【Cool Consideration】
【In The Cool Breeze】 【Shoreline Sentimentality】 【Cool Consideration】

Misumi Ikaruga SR 【Welcome to Triangle Beach!】
Homare Arisugawa R 【Delightfully Chilled Poem】
Sakyo Furuichi R 【Impromptu Beach Lifeguard】
【Welcome to Triangle Beach!】 【Delightfully Chilled Poem】 【Impromptu Beach Lifeguard】