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Reni Kamikizaka (神木坂 レニ) is the director of the God Troupe who is quite hostile to Mankai Company where he seems to hold a big grudge against them for some reason. Although his methods may be dirty sometimes to put on a glorious play, Reni does genuinely love theater and acting and changed in the 3rd Act, and was sincere about it. He didn't tolerate plagiarism and even apologized to Mankai about it.


In his teenage days, Reni was friends with Yukio Tachibana and they were in a club together in high school. They also knew and were acquaintances, if not friends, with Yuzo Kashima and the other old leaders of the four troupes. In high school, he saw a play performed by Yukio and thought that it was so perfect and beautiful, as if he was chosen and gifted by God, hence how he came up with the idea of God Troupe. After that he was obsessed with Yukio's acting even though the latter never performed once after it.

He broke his promise with his parents to continue acting after graduating from high school, he moved into an apartment together with Yukio. Reni helped with Yukio's dreams to make a theater called Mankai. He thought it was far-fetched but didn't object either. If Yukio's dream came true, then Reni would be able to see him act on stage once more. With the help of Hakkaku Ikaruga, they got a spot on Veludo Way and started construction.

Reni helped build it and promote the theater, however left early on as well when his relationship with Yukio drifted apart when the other moved out of the apartment. They couldn't see eye-to-eye, fighting. The other Troupe members saw him as troublesome because of his bad relationship with Yukio. Tensions with Yukio increased further and both got quite frustrated, but they got stuck in the Loupe of Sincerity. Seeing how things couldn't continue like this any longer, Reni didn't want to cause anymore trouble so and left. He didn't want to cause anymore negativity to the Troupe so he got his money back from when he helped construct the theater and used it to make God Troupe.

Reni wanted to meet God on the stage one more time. That's why in his own theater troupe, Reni wanted to train actors that would surpass Mankai on that day and put together a perfect play. He was intent on getting a Fleur Award before Mankai did, so Yukio would come begging down on his knees, but Reni failed to do so. The next year, he was sure on stopping Mankai from being nominated, but at that time Yukio disappeared.


  • Reni's surname Kamikizaka means "god, deity" (神) (kami), "tree, wood" (木) (ki) and "slope, hill" (坂) (saka/zaka).


  • Reni idolizes Yukio Tachibana.
  • Reni is actually a nickname from Yukio Tachibana, due to the latter finding his name hard to say and write. His real name is Reiji, but everyone only know him as Reni now.