A3! Wiki

The Prizes button is an inbox where you can claim items you have been rewarded.

Prizes icon

Click the "Claim All" button at the bottom to claim all items at once.

By using the sorting feature, you can single out certain categories of items. You can sort by:

  • Max
    • Expiring
    • Permanent
  • Type
    • Gems
    • Cards
    • Friend Points
    • Coins
    • Items
    • Others

You can check the item name, date you received it, and more by tapping the "History" button. You can receive up to 100 items at once. Items in your inventory that overflow will be automatically sent to Prizes.

You can hold up to 500 items, and when the limit is exceeded old ones will be deleted. Items that have expired will also be automatically be deleted, so make sure you claim your prizes frequently!