Premium Tryouts is the second gacha in the Tryouts Tab. Unlike Limited Time Tryouts, the Premium Tryouts are permanent, but each month, have two to three special SSR birthday cards of the actors in their corresponding responding birthday months. The gacha takes Diamond.png Gems (both free and paid) and Premium Medal.png Premium Tokens.
The special cards will give small boosts during Events or Campaigns, displayed with a sparkle Small Bonus Icon.png Campaign small bonus icon.png icon.

The cards you can obtain range from Rare (R) to Super Super Rare (SSR) in rarity. One pull for one card costs 15 gems, and one ten-card pull costs 145 gems. In the ten card pull, you're guaranteed to get one SR. The player gets one discounted pull per day that costs five premium gems. It costs five premium tokens to pull one card, and that card is guaranteed to be an SR or higher.

September Birthday SP banner.jpg
Example Used: September Birthday Premium Tryouts

At the last two days of the month, and first day of the next, there will be a Special Actor Scout which costs 145 Premium Gems, only 10x pulls available, and the for Mankai Birthday cards odds will be increased greatly.

Special Actor Tryouts example.png
Example Used: September Birthday Premium Tryouts


  • For Premium Tryouts, the tryout will start on the first day of the month at 19:00 PST/PDT and end on the first day of the next month at 18:59 PST/PDT.
  • For Special Actor Tryouts, the tryout will start on the second to last day of the month at 19:00 PST/PDT and end on the on the first day of the next at 18:59 PST/PDT, lasting a total of 3 days.

The following chart shows the birthday months that each actor's cards will be available on:

Month Characters
Jan Guy


Feb Homare


Mar Sakuya


Apr Tsuzuru


May Citron
Jun Misumi


Jul Yuki


Aug Kazunari


Sep Banri


Oct Taichi


Nov Omi


Dec Hisoka



Type # of Pulls Cost Rarity
Gems Diamond.png Single Pull x15 Gems R-SSR
Gems Diamond.png 10 Pull x145 Gems R-SSR (1 SR+ guaranteed)
Paid Diamond.png (Once Per Day) Single Pull x5 Premium Gems R-SSR
Premium Tokens Premium Medal.png Single Pull x145 Premium Tokens SR-SSR (guaranteed)
Paid Diamond.png (Special Actor) 10 Pull (One Time Only) x145 Premium Gems R-SSR (1 SSR guaranteed)
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