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Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Proactive Dishwashers
Veludo Station
Sakuya: I'll help you with dishes again, Omi!
Omi: Thanks. You're a huge help.
Omi: Let's go with Chinese food tonight.
Sakuya: Ooh, like dumplings? Leave the dishes to me!
Veludo Park
Sakuya: Sigh...
Omi: Are you still depressed over breaking that plate this morning?
Omi: I'm just glad you didn't get hurt, Sakuya.
Sakuya: You're so nice, Omi! I'll be more careful!
Veludo Library
Sakuya: Tsuzuru showed me his dishwashing technique!
Omi: Looks like he's done his fair share of dishwashing.
Sakuya: I've kinda been having fun washing dishes lately.
Omi: I get that. Keep up the good work.
Masumi Usui - How to be a Good Hubby
Veludo Station
Masumi: Teach me how to make some good curry.
Omi: Haha, you sound like a doting wife.
Omi: Have you ever even held a kitchen knife?
Masumi: No. But I'm sure I'll catch on quick.
Veludo Park
Masumi: I love the director more than anyone.
Omi: Cooking is a form of love. You shouldn't have any problems there.
Masumi: Once we get married I'm gonna make her curry every day.
Omi: Curry every day? You'd definitely have to love someone to do that...
Veludo Library
Masumi: I'll surprise her with curry...and then propose.
Omi: You're really going that a far.
Omi: You'll need to practice in secret.
Masumi: I can't wait to see her smile.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Yosei Uni Kitchen Dwellers
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: What's for dinner?
Omi: Minestrone soup and chicken confit.
Tsuzuru: You sure Kamekichi's cool with us having chicken again?
Omi: Ah, now that you mention it, that is a delicate subject for him...
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: I'm in charge of lunch today. It's lettuce fried rice.
Omi: Your fried rice is really good. Not too sticky.
Omi: I'll make dessert. Almond pudding okay?
Tsuzuru: Everyone's gonna be psyched to hear we got dessert!
Veludo Library
Tsuzuru: If the director went out shopping...
Omi: ...That means tonight's curry.
Tsuzuru: I think it's mutton curry tonight.
Omi: At least her curry is always really good.
Itaru Chigasaki - Midnight Snack Suppliers
Veludo Station
Itaru: I'll have an order of ramen tonight.
Omi: Tonkotsu?
Itaru: A side of grilled onigiri too.
Omi: Haha. Roger that.
Veludo Park
Itaru: The onigiri I asked for last night is already gone.
Omi: Oh... I'm pretty sure the culprit is Misumi.
Itaru: Just make them round next time.
Omi: Ahh, I see. Got it.
Veludo Library
Omi: Don't you crave something light for dinner sometimes?
Itaru: The entire point of dinner is to load up on calories.
Omi: I recommend chicken broth ramen tonight.
Itaru: Sure. Let's go with that.
Citron - Taste of Home
Veludo Station
Citron: Can you cook the food of my country, Omi?
Omi: I guess you miss food from back home, huh?
Omi: Can we get the ingredients in Japan?
Citron: No program at all!! I shall get it air lifted here!
Veludo Park
Omi: I sent you my country's recipes.
Citron: Thanks.
Omi: Darn... This recipe's all in a foregin language.
Citron: Not to worry! I will translate it for you!
Veludo Library
Chikage Utsuki - Extreme Spice
Veludo Station
Omi: Think you can take me to one of your regular spicy haunts sometime?
Chikage: Sure, but don't feel like you have to change your menu to suit my tastes.
Omi: It's just my goal to master everyone's favorite food at the dorm, you see.
Chikage: Looks like you're getting pumped up.
Veludo Park
Omi: Was today's green curry spicy enough for you?
Chikage: I would've liked it a smidge spicier. Or maybe a little mroe than that.
Omi: I tried making your serving spicy enough, but I guess I fell short.
Chikage: It still tasted amazing, though. Right out of restaurant kitchen.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Judging from your grocery bag...we're having something spicy tonight, huh?
Omi: You knew right away. I shouldn't be surprised.
Omi: It's a perfect combo of rich flavors and spice that'll surprise even you.
Chikage: Oh? I'm intrigued. Give me all you've got.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Mom's Home Cooking
Veludo Station
Tenma: I've got a photo shoot today so I'll pass on dinner.
Omi: All right. Make sure to eat there.
Omi: It's too bad. Tonight's your favorite, hamburg steak.
Tenma: ...I-I'll eat at home.
Veludo Park
Omi: You gonna do a rehearsal this evening, too?
Tenma: Yeah. The show's right around the corner.
Omi: I'll have dinner ready, then. Let me know if you have any requests.
Tenma: I want that thing you made the other day. The pork miso soup.
Veludo Library
Tenma: Since I came here I never feel like eating out anymore.
Omi: Really?
Tenma: Guess this is what a mom's home-cooking tastes like.
Omi: Mom's home-cooking, huh? Not a bad compliment.
Yuki Rurikawa - Mankai Home Ec
Veludo Station
Omi: Maybe I'll try to sew clothes, too...
Yuki: Aren't enough of a mom already?
Omi: I heard skirts are easy. Will you teach me?
Yuki: ...You planning on wearing it?
Veludo Park
Omi: Wanna try making felt animals, too?
Yuki: Sounds fun. Sure.
Yuki: Let's stop by the craft store on the way home.
Omi: Okay. And the grocery store, too.
Veludo Library
Omi: Taichi practices sewing every night.
Yuki: I was wondering how he improved so fast.
Omi: Don't tell Taichi I've been teaching him.
Yuki: Yeah, yeah.
Muku Sakisaka - The Wonders of Felt Wool
Veludo Station
Muku: Thanks for the felt kitty!
Omi: I'll make you more. How about a bunny next?
Muku: I want to make a whole zoo of felt animals.
Omi: Haha. I'll try to make a bunch.
Veludo Park
Muku: Is felting difficult?
Omi: Nah, it's easy once you get the hang of it.
Omi: Should we buy supplies for it?
Muku: Sure?
Veludo Library
Muku: I keep practicing felting but I'm not getting any better at it.
Omi: It takes time to get used to. Just relax and keep at it.
Muku: I'll go borrow a book on felting from the library!
Omi: I'll come with you. I want to look at some cookbooks.
Misumi Ikaruga - Onigiri Makers
Veludo Station
Omi: I think I'll make onigiri out of the rice from dinner.
Misumi: Thanks!
Omi: What do you want in your onigiri?
Misumi: Mustard leaf, pollock roe, and pickled plum!
Veludo Park
Misumi: I'm hungry! I want some onigiri, Omi!
Omi: Thought you'd say that. Let's have some later.
Misumi: Onigiri time! ♪
Omi: Yep. Remember to wash your hands first.
Veludo Library
Misumi: What's that triangle?
Omi: It's a macaron tower.
Misumi: Let's make an onigiri tower! Can you do it?
Omi: Hm, never thought of that. I'll try it.
Kazunari Miyoshi - Foodies
Veludo Station
Kazunari: The taco by the station got renovated!
Omi: Hm, I wonder what it looks like now.
Kazunari: I"m starving. Let's get some tacos, amigo.
Omi: It's all you can eat, too.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: These caramel pretzels are delish! You can try one, Omimi! Say ahhh!
Omi: Whoa, they really are good! Wanna try sesame flavor?
Omi: You eat a lot but you never gain weight. You must be a bottomless pit.
Kazunari: Yep! You must turn it all into muscle, huh?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Why don't you open up your own quiche truck? I can do the design!
Omi: Haha. I'm satisfied just cooking for you guys.
Kazunari: You're like an angel wearing an apron!
Omi: Me, an angel? You've got some artistic vision.
Kumon Hyodo - How to be a Good Brother
Veludo Station
Kumon: Omi! Please take me under your wing!
Omi: ??? Er, not that I mind, but...for what?
Kumon: I wanna learn how to make tasty treats for my big bro!
Omi: Oh, so that's it. Then leave it to me.
Veludo Park
Omi: Do you have any specific sweets you'd like to learn to make?
Kumon: Something with cream, since Juza loves it! Can't say I'm a fan, though...
Omi: Making cream seems easy, but it's surprisingly complex.
Kumon: I'll do it for him! ...Even if I can't eat it myself.
Veludo Library
Kumon: I gotta mix this to get more air into it...!
Omi: Pretending to make whipped cream, huh? We can practice when we get home.
Kumon: Make sure you don't tell him I'm learning to make sweets!
Omi: Sure. I get that you want to give him a nice surprise.

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Carrot, Not Stick
Veludo Station
Banri: Sakyo's daily tip targets are way too high.
Omi: Haha. That's how much he expects out of you!
Banri: Damn it... We were so close!
Omi: We did all we could. I'm sure Sakyo will understand.
Veludo Park
Banri: I love wathing your street acts.
Omi: You thinking of makin' me do all the work? Not that I mind.
Omi: Thanks for covering up my mistakes.
Banri: No prob.
Veludo Library
Banri: So tired. Think I'll skip first period tomorrow.
Omi: Everyone needs a day like that.
Banri: Sometimes you're real easy on me.
Omi: Everyone needs a guy like that, too.
Juza Hyodo - Personal Pastry Chef
Veludo Station
Juza: Those sweets we had yesterday were so good.
Omi: They were. Next time we should have matcha and brown sugar buns.
Omi: Anything you want to eat in particular?
Juza: ...Sweet bean paste and jelly.
Veludo Park
Omi: We have enough money left over for two desserts tonight.
Juza: ...!
Juza: ......
Omi: You really look like you want to go home. You want dessert that bad?
Veludo Library
Omi: The Paris-Brest and Tarte Tatin should be ready to eat when we get back.
Juza: !!! You can make that at home?
Omi: Let me know if there's anything you want me to make.
Juza: ...Got it.
Taichi Nanao - Big and Small Roomies
Veludo Station
Taichi: I'm helping out with costumes tonight!
Omi: I'll make your favorite hot dogs as a snack then.
Taichi: Ooh! Can I have a cheese dog?!
Omi: Got it. With extra cheese, right?
Veludo Park
Omi: I cleaned up our room a little.
Taichi: Thanks... W-W-Wait, you didn't look under my pillow, did you?!
Omi: Don't worry. I would never invade the privacy of a growing boy.
Taichi: That's a relief... I'm still embarrassed though!!
Veludo Library
Taichi: Omi! Teach me how to use a camera!
Omi: Sure, but why do you want to learn all of a sudden?
Taichi: This camera's gonna help me get a girlfriend!
Omi: Ahh, I see. I'll teach you all about it.
Sakyo Furuchi - Mom & Dad
Veludo Station
Sakyo: Our rehearsal might run late today. We need more snacks.
Omi: I'm already on it.
Sakyo: You really are like a mom.
Omi: And you're like a dad.
Veludo Park
Omi: Have any dinner requests?
Sakyo: I'm fine with anything. You're better off asking the younguns.
Omi: I can make you something easy on the teeth, then?
Sakyo: Don't treat me like an old man!
Veludo Library
Sakyo: You're too easy on the younger kids.
Omi: They need someone kind in their lives.
Omi: You're the stick and I'm the carrot.
Sakyo: Hmm... That's an apt comparison.
Azami Izumida - Kind Mom
Veludo Station
Omi: Anything you want to eat tonight?
Azami: Nothing in particular. Anything's cool.
Omi: Were the donuts I made yesterday too sweet?
Azami: Nah, they were just right.
Veludo Park
Omi: Tell me if there's anything you don't like, okay?
Azami: I don't like pickled stuff that much...
Omi: Pickled stuff, huh? How about picked cucumbers? You know, like in burgers?
Azami: ...I guess those are fine.
Veludo Library
Azami: You're going shopping today, right?
Omi: Yeah. The fridge is completely empty.
Azami: I'll come with you. It'd be hard to carry everything by yourself.
Omi: Thanks. That'd be a big help.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Please Eat More
Veludo Station
Omi: Have you lost weight, Tsumugi?
Tsumugi: Maybe. I always rehearse a ton when there's a show coming up.
Omi: You should be eating proper meals since we have a show coming up.
Tsumugi: I'm getting lectured by someone younger than me! I'll be more careful...
Veludo Park
Omi: You didn't have seconds, did you?
Tsumugi: No. I filled up on sides.
Omi: You're so little it makes me want to feed you more.
Tsumugi: You really do act like a mom...
Veludo Library
Omi: You ate a lot more breakfast than usual.
Tsumugi: Your omelettes are super good.
Omi: I'm going to come up with more omelette recipes, then.
Tsumugi: Thanks. I can't wait.
Tasuku Takato - Futsal Pals
Veludo Station
Omi: What do you want in your lunch box for the next match?
Tasuku: This feels like the night before sports day...
Omi: I enjoy making lunch boxes.
Tasuku: Don't forget to put as much effort into futsal, though.
Veludo Park
Omi: When should we practice?
Tasuku: Before dinner if we don't have rehearsal tonight.
Omi: We could make a soccer team if we had a few more people.
Tasuku: I'm inviting Settsu now.
Veludo Library
Omi: Kamekichi wants to join the futsal team.
Tasuku: A bird can't play futsal...
Hisoka Mikage - Learning about Nutrition
Veludo Station
Omi: What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?
Hisoka: Marshmallows.
Omi: Besides marshmallows, I mean.
Hisoka: Can't think of anything else.
Veludo Park
Veludo Library
Homare Arisugawa - Honest Feelings
Veludo Station
Homare: Today's miso soup made me feel like I was diving deep into the ocean.
Omi: I'm glad you liked the seaweed.
Omi: Do you not like any foods besides fish eggs?
Homare: No. Fish roe is my mortal enemy...
Veludo Park
Homare: O, rapture! Such melty, murky golden waves...
Omi: ...I see you liked the cheese omelettes.
Homare: I received these eggs from my editor. Use them.
Omi: Thanks. Will do.
Veludo Library
Azuma Yukishiro - Thanks for the Snacks
Veludo Front
Omi: Want to drink again tonight?
Azuma: Sure. I'm thinking white wine.
Omi: Do you want pears or peaches wrapped in prosciutto?
Azuma: Hmm, peaches.
Veludo Park
Azuma: I got some good sake. Want some?
Omi: Sure. I'll bring some snacks.
Azuma: Could you make some fried shrimp and veggie tempura?
Omi: Coming right up.
Veludo Library
Azuma: Our company's chef is the best ♪
Omi: I'm an actor too, you know.
Omi: Thanks to you, I've increased my snack repertoire.
Azuma: Hehe, glad to hear it. Looking forward to tasting more.
Guy - Surprise Green Peas
Veludo Station
Omi: Oh, I forgot to ask. Do you have any foods you don't like?
Guy: You needn't worry about me. I can eat anything.
Omi: No need to be modest. I'd just like to know for reference.
Guy: ...Green peas.
Veludo Park
Omi: What is it about green peas that makes you dislike them?
Guy: ...The taste. It may be a small thing, but I have a visceral dislike of it.
Omi: Green peas are a good way to add color to any meal.
Guy: I was not trying to be picky. Please use whatever ingredients you want.
Veludo Library
Omi: I'm so sorry, but I accidentally added peas to yesterday's soup...
Guy: Really? I didn't notice at all.
Guy: Was it that green soup from yesterday? I had no idea.
Omi: I'm glad you were able to eat it. I'll think up some different recipes.