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Nocturnality is the third stage play of the Winter Troupe. It was released on August 5th 2020 on the English server during the Nocturnality event.

The lead role, Azuma, was chosen as he was the only one who hadn't had a major role yet in their past plays, and it would be a good chance for him to gain more experience. The second lead, Tasuku, was selected as he would help guide Azuma and make it easier. The play is set in modern-day, and revolving around vampires and humans. Tsuzuru wrote a script to fit the mysterious and ethereal personality of him, however, because of his character's secluded and lonely life, along with Azuma's past, he had some trouble getting into character.


Kota Seo is an office worker in his 3rd year of employment. On his way home from work, he comes across a man collapsed on the side of the road.

Azuma Yukishiro as Reo Kuto
Vampire found collapsed in the street.
{{{lead cards}}} Azuma Nocturnality chibi.png File:Azuma Nocturnality fullbody.png
Tasuku Takato as Kota Seo
Office worker in his third year of working full-time.
{{{second lead cards}}} Tasuku Nocturnality chibi.png File:Tasuku Nocturnality fullbody.png
Tsumugi Tsukioka as Ryohei Izumi
Kota’s kind neighbour.
{{{support a cards}}} Tsumugi Nocturnality chibi.png File:Tsumugi Nocturnality fullbody.png
Homare Arisugawa as Nonomiya
Coworker at Kota's company.
{{{support b cards}}} Homare Nocturnality chibi.png File:Homare Nocturnality fullbody.png
Hisoka Mikage as Franz
Long-lived vampire.
{{{support c cards}}} Hisoka Nocturnality chibi.png File:Hisoka Nocturnality fullbody.png
Guest actor as Apartment Manager
Apartment manager for Kota's apartment complex.