Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning I’m pretty loud this morning? Hehe! That’s a compliment to me! File:Taichi morning line.ogg
Noon Don’t touch me like that! You’ll make me think things, okay? Unless...? File:Taichi noon line.ogg
Evening Man, I just got yelled at Sakyo again... Guess I'll talk to Omi about it. File:Taichi evening line.ogg
Night Yawn...uh, I mean I’m not sleepy at all! I’m not gonna sleep until you do! File:Taichi night line.ogg
Regular St-stop!! I'm super ticklish there! Geez! you don't get a free pass just cuz you're director! File:Taichi regular1 line.ogg
Regular I wanna be popular! I wanna be popular now File:Taichi regular2 line.ogg
Regular I saw a guy getting confessed to by a girl today… Wish that was me!!! File:Taichi regular3 line.ogg
Regular Banny and Juza are so cool! And then there’s me… … Shoot, now I just made myself sad... File:Taichi regular4 line.ogg
Regular Turn around 3 times and say ‘arf’...? ...Hey! What do you think I am?! File:Taichi regular5 line.ogg
Regular "Am I really that much like a dog? File:Taichi regular6 line.ogg
Regular No one can beat my yo-yo skills! File:Taichi regular7 line.ogg
Regular I thought I got a love letter but it was just an invitation to fight from Tenma... File:Taichi regular8 line.ogg
Regular Isn't my hair cool? Red hair's like,, identity? I guess! File:Taichi regular9 line.ogg

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Valentine’s Day Eh!? Chocolate for me!? I'm happy— I didn't even get a single one at school~ File:Taichi valentine line.ogg
White Day I’ve put my all into choosing this so that Director-sensei will be happy! Please accept it! File:Taichi white day line.ogg
April Fool’s Day Ban-chan… Juza-san…! To see the two of you getting along, I… I…! File:Taichi april fool line.ogg
Children’s Day File:Taichi children day line.ogg

Birthday Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Director-sensei~! Happy birthday! Are we partying tonight!? File:Taichi Player birthday line.ogg
Sakuya’s Birthday Sakkun congratz~♪ Sakkun's smile is a source of energy! File:Taichi Sakuya birthday line.ogg
Masumi’s Birthday Masumi-kun, congrats–! If you have any hidden techniques to become popular, it’d be great to share them with me! File:Taichi Masumi birthday line.ogg
Tsuzuru’s Birthday File:Taichi Tsuzuru birthday line.ogg
Itaru’s Birthday File:Taichi Itaru birthday line.ogg
Citron’s Birthday File:Taichi Citron birthday line.ogg
Chikage’s Birthday File:Taichi Chikage birthday line.ogg
Tenma’s Birthday File:Taichi Tenma birthday line.ogg
Yuki’s Birthday File:Taichi Yuki birthday line.ogg
Muku’s Birthday File:Taichi Muku birthday line.ogg
Misumi’s Birthday "It’s your birthday, Misumi! Gotta say, I’m kinda interested in your triangle hunts... File:Taichi Misumi birthday line.ogg
Kazunari’s Birthday File:Taichi Kazunari birthday line.ogg
Kumon’s Birthday File:Taichi Kumon birthday line.ogg
Banri’s Birthday File:Taichi Banri birthday line.ogg
Juza’s Birthday File:Taichi Juza birthday line.ogg
Taichi’s Birthday File:Taichi Taichi birthday line.ogg
Omi’s Birthday File:Taichi Omi birthday line.ogg
Sakyo’s Birthday File:Taichi Sakyo birthday line.ogg
Azami’s Birthday File:Taichi Azami birthday line.ogg
Tsumugi’s Birthday File:Taichi Tsumugi birthday line.ogg
Tasuku’s Birthday Happy Birthday Tasuku-san! Let's continue working together with this company from now on! File:Taichi Tasuku birthday line.ogg
Hisoka’s Birthday File:Taichi Hisoka birthday line.ogg
Homare’s Birthday Uh... Homare-san's poems are spinning in my head... File:Taichi Homare birthday line.ogg
Azuma’s Birthday File:Taichi Azuma birthday line.ogg
Guy’s Birthday File:Taichi Guy birthday line.ogg

Practice Quotes

Line Audio
File:Taichi practice1 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice2 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice3 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice4 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice5 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice6 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice7 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice8 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice9 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice10 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice11 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice12 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice13 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice14 line.ogg
File:Taichi practice15 line.ogg

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen File:Taichi download line.ogg
Voice Volume File:Taichi voice volume line.ogg
1 on 1 Practice File:Taichi 1 on 1 line.ogg
Special Training File:Taichi special training line.ogg
Blooming File:Taichi blooming line.ogg
Earn Cash Intro File:Taichi earn cash intro line.ogg
Earn Cash Outro File:Taichi earn cash outro line.ogg
Dissmiss Actor File:Taichi dismiss line.ogg
Show succeeded File:Taichi show success line.ogg
Show failed File:Taichi show fail line.ogg
Skills used in Show File:Taichi show skill.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro1.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro2.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro3.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro4.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro5.ogg
Introduction File:Taichi intro6.ogg
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