A puppy-like delinquent, who wants to be popular.

Nanao Taichi (七尾太一) is a member of the Mankai Company and is member of Autumn Troupe. He came to the Autumn Troupes audition to become an actor, just to boost his popularity. Taichi has a puppy-like personality, is always on high alert, and wants to be noticed by others, almost like a cute dog that wags its tail. Even though he claimed to have no acting experience, he did take part in small projects in the past.

He inhabits a room together with Omi. This is reflected in their chat name, 'Big and Small Roomies'.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Taichi Casual Chibi 2.png

Taichi is a short high school student with red-dyed hair and black highlights on the right side. He has bright blue eyes and many piercings in both of his ears. His fashion sense is really modern and takes inspiration from American Hip hop fashion. That is not surprising knowing that Taichi's outfits are well calculated, as he picks his clothes according to the latest trends in lifestyle magazines. He wears a blue sweatshirt with "Black" printed on it and a white long T-shirt underneath. Taichi also wears two pants on top of one another. A slim black one underneath and a pair of wider shorts above. To add the finishing touches to his look, a pair of white sneakers and a long, golden necklace.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like a puppy, Taichi is often noisy and upbeat. He is a sociable young man, who likes to be the center of attention and needs recognition from other people, as a form of self-validation. To gain it, he hunts after every trend from fashion to the latest activities. To his dismay, he never ends up being particularly popular, especially not with females. Even though he pretends to have no problem with rejection, Taichi has very low self-esteem and eventually feels hurt. However, he keeps on being persistent and has adopted a casual, yet positive attitude. The high schooler also looks up to his upperclassman Juza for his reputation as well as Banri for his many talents and wants to be noticed by them.

History[edit | edit source]

When Taichi was younger he had a small role in a production and received a lot of attention from his classmates for it. He began to like this fuss about him but it quickly died down. After that, Taichi started to follow every trend to get the full attention back to himself. One time he saw a classmate being popular because he was good at yo-yo. Taichi trained a lot to get as good but by the time he was on a high level, no one had any interest in it anymore. He then decided to try acting again and even auditioned for the God Troupe. For God Seat, he later entered the Mankai Company as a spy in exchange for a role in their next production. However after he became close to his new friends, he regretted what he has done deeply and apologized in tears. The Autumn Troupe forgave him and he became a permanent member.

Link Skill[edit | edit source]

Link Skill Characters Effect
Revived Autumn Troupe Taichi Icon.pngOmiSSRIcon.pngJuzaSSRIcon.pngBanriSSRIcon.pngSakyoSSRIcon.png Big Ac Boost
Ohana High School Group Taichi Icon.pngTenmaSSRIcon.pngJuzaSSRIcon.png Ac Boost
Junk Food Taichi Icon.pngItaruSSRIcon.png Ac Boost
God Seat Taichi Icon.pngTasukuSSRIcon.png Sr Boost
Wan Wan Combi Taichi Icon.pngKazunariSSRIcon.png Co Boost

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Normal Home Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I’m pretty loud this morning? Hehe! That’s a compliment to me!"
  • "St-stop!! I'm super ticklish there! Geez! you don't get a free pass just cuz you're director!"
  • "I wanna be popular! I wanna be popular now!"
  • "I saw a guy getting confessed to by a girl today… Wish that was me!!!"
  • "Banny and Juza are so cool! And then there’s me… … Shoot, now I just made myself sad..."
  • "Turn around 3 times and say ‘arf’...? ...Hey! What do you think I am?!"
  • "Am I really that much like a dog?"
  • "No one can beat my yo-yo skills!"
  • "Man, I just got yelled at Sakyo again... Guess I'll talk to Omi about it."
  • "I thought I got a love letter but it was just an invitation to fight from Tenma..."
  • "Isn't my hair cool? Red hair's like, my...um, identity? I guess!"
  • "Don’t touch me like that! You’ll make me think things, okay? Unless...?"
  • "Yawn...uh, I mean I’m not sleepy at all! I’m not gonna sleep until you do!"

Special Home Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Uh... Homare-san's poems are spinning in my head..."
  • "Happy Birthday Tasuku-san! Let's continue working together with this company from now on!"
  • "Sakkun congratz~♪ Sakkun's smile is a source of energy!"
  • "Masumi-kun, congrats–! If you have any hidden techniques to become popular, it’d be great to share them with me!"
  • "Director-sensei~! Happy birthday! Are we partying tonight!?"
  • "Eh!? Chocolate for me!? I'm happy— I didn't even get a single one at school~" Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "I’ve put my all into choosing this so that Director-sensei will be happy! Please accept it!" White Day Dialogue
  • "Ban-chan… Juza-san…! To see the two of you getting along, I… I…!" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "It’s your birthday, Misumi! Gotta say, I’m kinda interested in your triangle hunts..." Misumi's Birthday Dialogue

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His specialties are yo-yo, hyper origami, and skateboarding. These all stem from efforts to be popular by riding the wave that was fads.
  • The doodle he made in the notebook is the same alien he has on one of his T-shirts.
  • He likes to eat hot dogs but dislikes liver and chives.

    Taichi's doodle.

    • He and Kazunari are known as the Wan-Wan Combi (1-1 combi). It's a wordplay on "わんわん" meaning "arf arf" but it is also another pronunciation of the Japanese words for "one one". They were called this because both have an upbeat, almost dog-like personality. This is translated as 'Puppy Pair'.
  • Taichi attends the same school as Tenma and Juza, Ouka High.
  • In The Roman Episode, he played the role of Benjamin, Lansky's sick little brother.
  • This official comic would eventually foreshadow his role in Autumn's second play.

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