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Mushroom Forest Expedition Tryouts banner

Event Duration

Start: February 20, 2021 19:00 PST

End: March 4, 2021 23:59 PST

Important: All cards in this tryouts will have an advantage in the upcoming Conquering Misoshiosa Island!/Event performances. This will be shown with a star icon

Boost Icon

Limited Time Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed. Other cards you can obtain from this tryout can be found here.

Taichi Nanao SSR 【Shooting Stars at the Beach】
Kazunari Miyoshi SR 【An Adventure Full of Likes!】
Sakyo Furuichi R 【Chopsticks Made with Care】
【Shooting Stars at the Beach】 【An Adventure Full of Likes!】 【Chopsticks Made with Care】