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Surprise, I was really happy! To a fine prince, I'll do my best to become, so please take a look by your side!

I'm one year older again. To be a nice man, I will do my best to become one!
How to Acquire August Birthday Premium Tryouts
Backstage Story The Charming Prince of August
Lead Skill
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Lv 1 Increases Team's Dr a lot
Lv 10 Increases Team's Dr enormously
Ad lib Skill
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Lv 1 {{{percent}}}% chance that Dr
will increase
Lv 4 % chance that Dr
will increase
Card Stats
Lv 1 1143 1143 1830 4575
Lv 80 2565 2565 4200 10421
Bloomed+ 2745 2745 4500 11161
Bloomed++ 2925 2925 4800 11901
Fully Trained
and Bloomed
4125 4125 6000 15501
Muku casual chibi 1
Muku Mankai Birthday chibi
Muku Sakisaka SSR Mankai Birthday bloomed transparent