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Izumi:Huh? Who does this belong to?
Yuki:It's Muku's, obviously.
Izumi:Guess he must have left it here by accident. I'll go take it to him.
Yuki:Have fun.

Izumi:Is Muku here? He left this on the table...
Izumi:Wow, he looks really into that manga he's reading right now.
Kazunari:I know, right? Mukkun's been like that for the past hour. I tried talking to him, but he completely ignored me.
Izumi:He must be really absorbed in the story right now.
Kazunari:His ability to concentrate when reading shojo manga is insane.
Izumi:He really does love them, huh.
Kazunari:You can say that again!
Kazunari:Like, sometimes he'll tell me about his faves, and he's just got this huge smile on his face, like he's the happiest in the world!
Kazunari:I feel bad making him stop, so I always hear him out until he's finished.
Izumi:Aw. You're a good roommate, Kazunari.
Izumi:(Muku and Kazunari are complete opposites, so I wasn't sure that they'd get along, but they must be doing just fine.)
Izumi:I wonder how much longer it'll take him to come back to the real world, though.
Izumi:Oh, he's back. Hey, Muku, you left this in the living room-
Muku:N-No way!! I would never!!
Izumi:You mean this isn't yours?
Muku:I-I-I-I would never do something as perverse as profiting from human trafficking!!
Izumi:Human trafficking?!
Muku:I-I would never do something so inhumane!!!
Kazunari:Oh dang, he's lost in fantasy land again! Haha! Human trafficking though? Now that's nuts!
Izumi:Are you okay, Muku?
Muku:Huh? What?
Muku:Oh, I'm so sorry!
Muku:I just got so lost in the story I was just reading, I thought I was actually in it!
Izumi:I see, that makes sense. I guess?
Izumi:(...Are there shojo manga about human trafficking?)
Izumi:Um, could I borrow the book you were just reading for a sec?
Muku:Yes! Of course!
Kazunari:Ooh, lemme see it too!
Izumi:...This is your average shojo manga.
Kazunari:Yeah. Looks like a love triangle in a fancy academy.
Izumi:Where does human trafficking come in?
Muku:Something wrong, Izumi?
Izumi:(Just how deep does Muku's imagination go?!)

Lost in His Fantasies
[Mankai Dormitory Lounge: Evening]
[Muku and Kazunari's Bedroom]

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