Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for Water me!

Side Miyoshi Kazunari (1/3)

Kazunari: My role Aladdin, is a womanizer~?
Kazunari: Then, as a part of preparation for the role, let's pick up some girls ~Let's go go!♪
Kazunari: ...hee, fooled you! Director-chan makes a such a scary face!
Kazunari: Well, it's my first time on stage, frankly speaking am I not in a super pinch? I was wondering....
Kazunari: Tsuzuru wrote this with my image in mind?
Kazunari: My body will play it naturally! Director-chan, I'll practice of course~

Side Miyoshi Kazunari (2/3)

Kazunari: Look here! Just now, this is candy I got from Aririn, but the packing sure has an interesting design, huh?
Kazunari: Such a unique touch and color usage, it just feels like Aririn~
Kazunari: Where did he get it from? He took it from that black-red guy a long time ago.
Kazunari: ---!!!???

Side Miyoshi Kazunari (3/3)

Kazunari: Muku fell asleep early and now I'm bored, Director-chan tell me a story.
Kazunari: So what can you tell me.
Kazunari: Ah, what did you had for lunch today? ….Curry?
Kazunari: Haha, Director-chans steadfastness! I had Ice cream-
Kazunari: Yeah yeah, I'm more of a crêpe-guy! It's my favorite at the moment~
Kazunari: How about getting some now, Director-chan?
Kazunari: ...Ah, is that a invitation to a date?

Kazunari & Banri Talk

Banri: Hey, do you know the band „Leg-warmer“?
Kazunari: Sure! I check out every new „Legs“ album!
Banri: Okay. I heard my older sister got tickets for their concert, you coming with us?
Kazunari: For real!? I'm totally going!
Banri: Okay, don't make other plans.
Kazunari: Ui! Teenager out together! Who is she? The sparkling Settsu Sister.
Banri: Ah? Didn't I tell.
Kazunari: I hear about that for the first time! Ne, ne, will you introduce me to your sister, Settsu-kun?
Banri: Ah....why not.
Kazunari: No shit!? Is it really okay?
Banri: Just don't marry her.
Kazunari: Whew!


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