A handsome university student actor with excellent social skills, who lives in the now.
Miyoshi Kazunari (三好一成) is a member of the Summer Troupe and was invited to the audition by the Director herself. He was originally hired as a graphic designer who created the Mankai Company's website and flyer, but he caught Izumi's eyes as someone with potential for acting. Kazunari can be seen as a frivolous and fashionable young man with excellent communication skills. He is easy to talk to and befriends people quickly. To make new friends, and because he had nothing better to do, he later took Izumi's offer and joined as an actor as well.

Appearance Edit

Kazunari casual chibi 2

Kazunari is a young man of average height with green eyes and blonde hair, which is a bit longer at the back and goes down to his shoulders. He has one of the most stylish fashion tastes of all Mankai actors, if not the most trendy style of them all. He wears a white sweatshirt that has "Three Three Three" written on it, a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a navy blue jacket, and fitting shoes also in navy blue. As for accessories, he wears a black hat and two necklaces.

Personality Edit

Bright, charismatic and a bit frivolous are only a few character traits Kazunari portrays, but are definitely those people will notice first after meeting him. He is a person who is always up for new experiences and friends and would talk to anyone without any discrimination. He would also flirt with cute girls without a second thought. It might not seem this way, but Kazunari is someone who would always choose his words carefully, just to appeal to others around him. Because as long as he befriends and pleases people, he thinks it's fine, even if it means that these friendships end up shallow.

History Edit

Kazunari was a normal university student at an art college before he started to work for the Mankai Company. At first, he was only hired as a graphic designer in charge of creating promotional material for the Spring Troupe's first stage play. Izumi also saw potential in him as an actor, so she invited him to the audition. After he passed it, he quickly joined without a second thought.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Summer TroupeKazunariSSRIconTenmaSSRIconYukiSSRIconMukuSSRIconMisumiSSRIconBig Co Boost
Mahjong Club AssociationKazunariSSRIconCitronSSRIconSakyoSSRIconAzumaSSRIcon Sr Boost
Shoujo Manga ClubKazunariSSRIconMukuSSRIconSakyoSSRIconCo Boost
Artistic NatureKazunariSSRIconHomareSSRIconCo Boost
Wan Wan CombiKazunariSSRIconTaichi IconCo Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Nyahaha! It's tickling"
  • "Well then, I'll go playing with Kamekichi~♪"
  • "You're cute today too♪"
  • "Isn't the sound of speaking Piko cute?"
  • "Director-chan take care of me today too☆"
  • "What's up what's up~?"
  • "On days like this when you're feeling like doing nothing, limit it to independent lecture cancellation♪"
  • "Please fall in love with me or something!?"
  • "Can you see me as a who I really am, or at least as a man?... just kidding"
  • "Mornin'☆ Today too I'm in top condition♪"
  • "Yawns... I'm super sleepy~ Wanna take a nap secretly together?"
  • "Can it be you're asking for a good night kiss!? It can't be helped~"

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Aririn Happy B-day! We're the greatest artists duo!"
  • "Takusu congrats! Yo, sexy guy♪ You coming to the goukon the day after tomorrow?"
  • "Director-chan, Happy B-day!! Today I'll listen to whatever you tell me♪"
  • "My diligent boy Sakusaku~...For your birthday, I'll give you a gold star♪"
  • "Hn~? There’s a sweet smell…This is… Can I have my hopes up for this!?" Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "A return gift for Valentine’s ♪ My heart for you!" White Day Dialogue
  • "I was blocked instantly when I sent just an emoji to wish him happy birthday on LIME… But he unblocked me after I went crying to him♪"
  • "Good afternoon, Director-san. Eh? My tone of voice is weird? … Piko? I don’t know about such Japanese…" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "Tsuzurun surprise, I may stopped half a year ago but I actually prepared this for 10 months now♪"

Trivia Edit

Kazunari sig
  • Kazunari likes to give people affectionate nicknames.
  • He shares a room with Muku.
  • Yuki calls him "social butterfly".
  • In Water me! He played the character "Aladdin".
  • Along with Yuki, Sakyo, Tsuzuru and Omi, Kazunari is one of the few people who do additional work for Mankai.
    • His forte is the graphic design, and his special talent is drawing.
Kazunari doodle

Kazunari's Doodle.

  • Kazunari is really into social media and updates his accounts on Instagram, LINE, and many others daily.
  • His favourite food is candy, but he dislikes sticky food.
  • The doodle he drew in the notebook was a cute version of Kamekichi.
  • Tsuzuru and Kazunari have some sort of senpai-kouhai relationship because they went to the same high school.

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