Part 1
Izumi: And that's a wrap! great job, everyone!
Crew member: Thank you! And thanks for helping us out so many days in a row, Izumi. It's been a huge help.
Izumi: It was no problem at all. I've been learning a lot myself by helping out here.
Crew member: We hope you'll help during our next production too.
Izumi: Yeah. I look forward to it!
Izumi: (And that concludes my work assisting with today's performance. Time to get dinner ready before my meeting. And after that, there's practice...)
Izumi: (Tomorrow I'm going to be helping with another troupe and then I've got another meeting tomorrow night...)
Izumi: ...Yeah, maybe I scheduled too many things this week.
Izumi: I'm back.
Sakuya: Welcome back, Izumi!
Omi: Welcome back.
Homare: A warm welcome home.
Izumi: ...Something smells really good.
Sakuya: Oh, it's Omi! He's baking some treats right now.
Omi: Yeah, I'm making almond and chocolate cookies.
Omi: I also made jello if you're in the mood for something cool instead.
Homare: Jello with fruit in it.
Homare: A masterpiece, indeed. Sweetness enveloped by sweetness.
Sakuya: You were assisting another troupe today, right?
Sakuya: That's awesome!
Izumi: Thanks, Sakuya.
Sakuya: But is it just me, or do you look really worn out?
Izumi: Oh, I'm okay. I'm just more relaxed since I'm at home.
Sakuya: But you look a bit paler than usual.
Izumi: I'm fine. I've got to talk with Sakyo about the budget in a bit, anyway.
Sakuya: Don't you think you've been working a bit too much lately? You should give yourself a break.
Homare: I agree. It's very important to give yourself a breather when you need it.
Omi: That's right. You'll be too tired to do anything at all if you work yourself to the bone.
Izumi: I'm fine, guys! Really, I've been helping out with practices and performances for a while now. And I've always been the healthy type, so-
Sakyo: Nope.
Izumi: Huh?
Sakyo: Sakuya and the others are right. We won't get anywhere if you're passing out from exhaustion.
Sakyo: We can postpone the meeting until tomorrow.
Izumi: But, Sakyo...
Sakyo: Your job as director is to watch over the well-being of everyone in this troupe. Let me remind you that you're part of this troupe, too.
Izumi: Yeah, but...
Sakyo: No buts. Stop being so stubborn and take the night off.
Omi: I'll cook dinner. You've got a busy day again tomorrow, right?
Omi: You should take it easy for tonight at least.
Izumi: Thanks, guys... I guess I'll have to since you're all so insistent about it.
Sakuya: Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out. Don't hesitate to call on me when you need me!
Omi: Oh, the cookies are ready. Hang on, I'll bring them out.
Sakuya: Ooh, yum!
Homare: Eating these freshly baked cookies is a special privilege only available to those present at this moment.
Homare: Let us savor its nutty flavor.
Omi: Would you like to have one too, Sakyo? They're fresh out of the oven.
Sakyo: ...Sure. Guess I'll have one.
Sakuya: Oh man! These are amazing!
Omi: I'll get us some tea too.
Izumi: Thanks, Omi. And thanks for baking these.
Sakuya: Yeah! time to dig in!
Sakuya: Mmm! So yummy!
Homare: Indeed. This sweet smell and chewy texture are truly stirring up poetic inspiration within me!
Izumi: Yeah, these are great! You never disappoint, Omi.
Omi: I'm glad you like them. They say that sweets can help you when you're tired, so feel free to have as many as you want.
Sakuya: Yeah! Omi's yummy cookies should help revive you, Izumi!
To be Continued...
Part 2
Misumi: Thanks for the food!
Izumi: Thanks so much for making dinner tonight, Omi.
Omi: No prob. You go ahead and get a good rest tonight, Izumi.
Sakuya Oh, let me help clean up!
Azuma: Are you not feeling well tonight, Izumi?
Izumi: Oh, no, I'm not sick or anything-
Omi: She's been working herself like crazy recently, so we're making her take it easy tonight.
Kazunari: Ohhh! That's valid.
Misumi: Thanks for everything you do, Izumi!
Azuma: Self-care is definitely important.
Azuma: I have an idea. How about I sleep with you tonight?
Kazunari: Now hold up!
Kazunari: If she wants someone to sleep with her tonight, then I could-!
Izumi: Yeah, no. For both of you.
Kazunari: So cold I got the shivers!
Azuma: That's too bad.
Misumi: I'll give you a triangle to help you recharge your batteries!
Izumi: That is certainly some triangle... But what is it?
Azuma: It seems like some kind of triangle-shaped aroma stone.
Misumi: It is! And it smells real good! This should get you feeling refreshed in no time, Izumi!
Izumi: Ohh, thanks! I'll try using it later.
Kazunari: Awesome!
Kazunari: That's one high class triangle! And here I thought Sumi only collected triangle-shaped junk!
Misumi: Triangles are life!
Sakuya: Whoa, you're right! It really does smnell nice!
Omi: Okay guys, let's give her some space.
Omi: You know she's tired.
Sakuya: Oh, sorry!
Sakuya: I hope you have a relaxing evening, Izumi.
Izumi: No worries! And thank you, guys.
Azuma: Make sure to take advantage of this and really get some R and R tonight.
Izumi: (...So I said, but it's a bit too early to be going to bed. But now that I have nothing to do, it's like I can't relax.)
Izumi: I'd feel bad actually working after everyone was so concerned for me...
Izumi: (Oh yeah! I've got a huge backlog of shows I recorded but never got around to watching.)
Izumi: ...I guess it won't hurt to take the time to catch up on some TV.
TV Narration: "4-year-old Yuta is going to be running his very first errand for his mommy! Will he manage to succeed in his shopping mission?"
Izumi: (Aww, look at the way he's bravely trying to hold back his tears. He reminds me of Muku.)
Izumi: (And this next kid reminds me of Sakuya. Look at those big eyes and how cheerful he is!)
TV Narration: "Kaede misses his mom, but he won't give up! He doesn't cry, even after tripping and falling!"
Izumi: You can do it! You've come so far...!
Izumi: Wah... Those kids were so courageous and now I'm crying...
Izumi: They were so devoted to achieving their goals... okay, now I'm crying WAY too much...
Izumi: Where're the tissues... Huh? It's empty?
Izumi: I think we should have another box around here somewhere.
Izumi: Maybe here?
???: Izumi..?
To be Continued...
Part 3
Sakuya: Izumi...?
Izumi: Sakuya? What are you doing up at this hour?
Sakuya: I was practicing on my own.
Sakuya: What about you though? I thought you already went to bed.
Izumi: Oh, about that, I...!
Sakuya: Izumi... Are you crying?
Izumi: Huh?
Izumi: (Oh right, I was crying about those adorable kids!)
Sakuya: Did something happen?
Izumi: Um, uh...
Izumi: (I can't tell him I was crying over some TV show, way too embarassing... Okay, time to make something up.)
Izumi: No, I'm fine. It's just...
Sakuya: .....
Izumi: Sakuya?
Izumi: (...Ok, why is he so close now?)
Sakuya: Please don't cry...
Sakuya: I may not be able to bake delicious cookies like Omi and I may not be smart like Sakyo.
Sakuya: But I want to help you out in any way I can.
Sakuya: Don't you think you can depend on me? Or...
Choose! Choice 1: I depend on you a lot.
Izumi: O-Of course I do!
Izumi: I know how hard you work as the leader of the Spring Troupe. I depend on you a lot.
Izumi: But, uh...
Sakuya: Then let me help you! I want to be there for you even more than before!
Sakuya: I hate the thought of being unable to do anything when you're feeling sad.
Sakuya: That's why-
Izumi: Look, sorry Sakuya, but you've got the wrong idea-
Choose! Choice 2: Now it's gonna be even more awkward to tell him...
Izumi: (Oh dear, now it's gonna be even more awkward to tell him...)
Sakuya: ...I knew it. I'm pretty unreliable, aren't I.
Sakuya: B-But...! I'll work hard to that one day you'll see me as someone you can always depend on!
Sakuya: So please don't try to bottle up your emotions!
Sakuya: I promise that one day I'll be more mature and then I'll-
Izumi: W-Wait! Sakuya, you've got the wrong idea-
Continue after choices. Sakuya: Izumi..?
Izumi: Listen, the truth is that...
Sakuya: You were crying because of a TV show?!
Izumi: Yeah...
Sakuya: I'm so sorry! I completely misunderstood!
Izumi: It's okay! Really, I'm the one who should be apologizing. I just felt so embarrassed admitting that I was crying over 4 year olds on TV.
Sakuya: Don't blame yourself! I can't believe I just jumped to conclusions like that.
Izumi: But... I was happy to hear how you felt. You sounded really cool just now, you know.
Sakuya: What?!
Izumi: I know I said this already, but I do know I can count on you. I promise that I'll keep you in mind next time I have something on my mind, okay?
Sakuya: O-Of course!
Sakuya: Feel free to come talk to me anytime you need it!
Sakuya: I'll be your pillar of strength whenever you need it!
Izumi: Thank you. And the same goes for you, you know. I'm here if you ever need a listening ear.
Sakuya: Okay!
Sakuya: A-Anyway, make sure you get some sleep!
Sakuya: Um, and if you're having trouble falling asleep, I wouldn't mind lying down with you until you do...
Izumi I'm fine! Really!
Sakuya: You sure?
Sakuya: Well, feel free to let me know if there's ever a time when you're having trouble falling asleep.
Izumi: ...Yeah, okay. Thanks.
Izumi: (Why do I have a feeling that Sakuya's being corrupted by Azuma...)
Story clear!
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