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The sky's all purple and orange like Kaz's art. It's pretty...but a little bit sad.

To Me, Kaz is such an important friend. I really wanna do something to help him...
How to Acquire Mischief with a Shuriken Tryouts
Backstage Story Make Way for the Triangle Letter Carrier!
Lead Skill
Town's View at Twilight
Lv 1 Increases Team's Co a lot
Lv 10 Increases Team's Co enormously
Ad lib Skill
Clearing the Castle Tower
Lv 1 20% chance that Co
will increase a lot
Lv 4 35% chance that Co
will increase enormously
Card Stats
Lv 1 1268 1268 1778 5075
Lv 80 2690 2690 3832 10842
Bloomed+ 2870 2870 4092 11572
Bloomed++ 3050 3050 4352 12302
Fully Trained
and Bloomed
4250 4250 5552 15902
Misumi Summer chibi
Misumi Shinobi Adventures! chibi