Backstage Stories
Icons Card Name Story
Misumi Ikaruga N Summer Ready unbloomed icon
【Summer Ready】

Misumi Ikaruga N Summer Ready bloomed icon
【Summer Ready】
【Summer Ready】 Triangular Ambition
Misumi Ikaruga N Suit & Tie unbloomed icon
【Suit & Tie】

Misumi Ikaruga N Suit & Tie bloomed icon
【Suit & Tie】
【Suit & Tie】 Triangles Hidden By Three Sides
Misumi Ikaruga N Captain Sky's Pirates unbloomed icon
【Captain Sky's Pirates】

Misumi Ikaruga N Captain Sky's Pirates bloomed icon
【Captain Sky's Pirates】
【Captain Sky's Pirates】 Role Study: Sky
Misumi Ikaruga N Love Out of Left Field unbloomed icon
【Love Out of Left Field】

Misumi Ikaruga N Love Out of Left Field bloomed icon
【Love Out of Left Field】
【Love Out of Left Field】 Role Study: Yuto Uehara
Misumi Ikaruga N Shinobi Adventures! unbloomed icon
【Shinobi Adventures!】

Misumi Ikaruga N Shinobi Adventures! bloomed icon
【Shinobi Adventures!】
【Shinobi Adventures!】
Misumi Ikaruga R Standing Rehearsal unbloomed icon
【Standing Rehearsal】

Misumi Ikaruga R Standing Rehearsal bloomed icon
【Standing Rehearsal】
【Standing Rehearsal】 Number One in Japan
Misumi Ikaruga R Water Me! unbloomed icon
【Water Me!】

Misumi Ikaruga R Water Me! bloomed icon
【Water Me!】
【Water Me!】 Triangle Tag-along
Misumi Ikaruga R The Great Sardine Search unbloomed icon
【The Great Sardine Search】

Misumi Ikaruga R The Great Sardine Search bloomed icon
【The Great Sardine Search】
【The Great Sardine Search】 Triangle Friend
Misumi Ikaruga R Triangle Travelers unbloomed icon
【Triangle Travelers】

Misumi Ikaruga R Triangle Travelers bloomed icon
【Triangle Travelers】
【Triangle Travelers】 The Case of the Missing Traveling Triangle
Misumi Ikaruga R Cheerful Altair unbloomed icon
【Cheerful Altair】

Misumi Ikaruga R Cheerful Altair bloomed icon
【Cheerful Altair】
【Cheerful Altair】
Misumi Ikaruga R Triangular Mont Blanc unbloomed icon
【Triangular Mont Blanc】

Misumi Ikaruga R Triangular Mont Blanc bloomed icon
【Triangular Mont Blanc】
【Triangular Mont Blanc】 Choctangle Mountain
Misumi Ikaruga SR About to Bloom unbloomed icon
【About to Bloom】

Misumi Ikaruga SR About to Bloom bloomed icon
【About to Bloom】
【About to Bloom】 △ Flying △
Misumi Ikaruga SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon
【Blooming Trail】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Blooming Trail bloomed icon
【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 Matching Triangles
Misumi Ikaruga SR Welcome to Triangle Beach! unbloomed icon
【Welcome to Triangle Beach!】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Welcome to Triangle Beach! bloomed icon
【Welcome to Triangle Beach!】
【Welcome to Triangle Beach!】 Capture the Triangle!
Misumi Ikaruga SR Triangle Search Party unbloomed icon
【Triangle Search Party】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Triangle Search Party bloomed icon
【Triangle Search Party】
【Triangle Search Party】 Triangle Hunting
Misumi Ikaruga SR Lucky Golden Glove unbloomed icon
【Lucky Golden Glove】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Lucky Golden Glove bloomed icon
【Lucky Golden Glove】
【Lucky Golden Glove】 Triangular Home Run!
Misumi Ikaruga SR Triangle-tastic Parfait unbloomed icon
【Triangle-tastic Parfait】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Triangle-tastic Parfait bloomed icon
【Triangle-tastic Parfait】
【Triangle-tastic Parfait】 Triangle Cafe
Misumi Ikaruga SR Mr
【Mr. and Mrs. Triangle】

Misumi Ikaruga SR Mr
【Mr. and Mrs. Triangle】
【Mr. and Mrs. Triangle】
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Welcome to the Circus! unbloomed icon
【Welcome to the Circus!】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Welcome to the Circus! bloomed icon
【Welcome to the Circus!】
【Welcome to the Circus!】 Warm Shelter
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Moonlit Karasu Tengu unbloomed icon
【Moonlit Karasu Tengu】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Moonlit Karasu Tengu bloomed icon
【Moonlit Karasu Tengu】
【Moonlit Karasu Tengu】 A Midsummer Night's Triangulation
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Triangle Explorer unbloomed icon
【Triangle Explorer】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Triangle Explorer bloomed icon
【Triangle Explorer】
【Triangle Explorer】 Captain Sky's Pirates Epilogue
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Mankai Birthday unbloomed icon
【Mankai Birthday】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Mankai Birthday bloomed icon
【Mankai Birthday】
【Mankai Birthday】 A Three-Sided Paradise!
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Santangle Claus is Coming! unbloomed icon
【Santangle Claus is Coming!】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Santangle Claus is Coming! bloomed icon
【Santangle Claus is Coming!】
【Santangle Claus is Coming!】 Trimming the Triangle Tree
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Twilight's Many Colors unbloomed icon
【Twilight's Many Colors】

Misumi Ikaruga SSR Twilight's Many Colors bloomed icon
【Twilight's Many Colors】
【Twilight's Many Colors】

Cross Backstage Story
Icons Card Story
Ikaruga Misumi SSR Welcome to the Circus! unbloomed icon
Tsukioka Tsumugi SSR Sunny Garden unbloomed icon
Ikaruga Misumi SSR 【Welcome to the Circus!】 &

Tsukioka Tsumugi SSR【Sunny Garden】

Moonlit Night

Mini Chats

Summer Troupe’s 1st Show: Water Me!
Water Me!: Misumi Ikaruga(1/3)
Misumi: Shushushushu〜 Slipping out! I wonder, should I leave?
Yeees, I'm at a loss!
... Ah! I got an idea! Triangle-! Going is good~! This way.....
Tri-an-! And jump! Stop~?
Eh~, I can't~? You like triangles too, don't you~?
Tsuzuru, he really likes to hear about triangles!
Water Me!: Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: Triangle~ Triangle~
Hm? This song? It's the triangle song. Lyrics and composition by me! Of course also played by me~
Director-san please sing it!
And now together; Triangle Triangle Triiii~anngle♪
Water Me!: Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Director-san, do you want the onigiri I made?
It was delicious? That relieved me〜 I put the salmon and the plum filling inside, just for you Director-san.
This triangle with cheese is delicious〜. Ah! Director-san stop.
...Yes, it's gone. You still had rice stuck on your cheek!
Water Me!: Misumi & Sakyo’s Chat
Sakyo: Hey, Ikaruga. Go against me in a fighting exercise for the stage fight.
Misumi: Okay~!
Sakyo: Let's go..... Hah!
Misumi: Slide~ Tri-an-gle ha!
Sakyo: !? Hey, don't do something that abrupt so suddenly!
Misumi: Sorry! It was just out of a habit~.
Sakyo: I can't grasp what you think but your physical abilities and reflexes are worthy of praise....
Misumi: I don't get it, was I praised just now? Hehe, thanks-!
Summer Troupe’s 2nd Show: The Great Sardine Search!
Sardine Search: Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: When I told all the kitties to visit the courtyard that our next performance was about cats, they got really excited!
Oh, but there aren’t any seats in the theater for kitty cats...That’s so sad.
Wait! If we do our rehearsals in the courtyard, then they can see our play too!
I’m going to ask them for more advice on how to act like a cat! See you later!
Sardine Search: Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: I played soccer with Tasuku yesterday!
he invited me to join his soccer club since I’m really fast, but I dunno...
I mean, balls are round and stuff. If only they were triangles!
If soccer balls were triangular, I’d like them better! Triangles are the best, aren’t they!?
Sardine Search: Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Izumi, you’re finally here! Welcome back!
Hehe! I was waiting for you!
Why? Just ‘cuz?
I missed seeing your face! And hearing your voice, too!
That’s why I was waiting here, see?
And now you’re back! Yay!
Let’s eat some onigiri together, okay?
Sardine Search: Misumi & Masumi’s Chat
Misumi: Masumi, we have so much in common!
Masumi: No, we don’t
Misumi: Yes, we do! Look at our names. Mi-SUMI and Ma-SUMI, right? That’s super close, right?
Masumi: It’s annoying when people mix us up...
Misumi: You have a mole near your mouth, and I have one underneath my eye!
Masumi: Plenty of people have moles.
Misumi: Aaand! I really, really, reeeally like triangles, and you really, really, reeeally like Izumi!
Masumi: Can’t deny that.
Misumi: I like Izumi too, so maybe you’ll start liking triangles soon!
Masumi: Not happening. And I’m not letting you anywhere near Izumi.
Summer Troupe’s 3rd Show: Captain Sky’s Pirates
Captain Sky’s Pirates: Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: I'm the star this time! It’s gonna be the most exciting play you’ve ever seen, promise!
Gramps loved pirate stories, too...
I bet he would’ve loved our play. Don’t you think?
So, anyway! Since I’m the lead this time, I’m going to lead by example, just like Tenma and Yuki did when it was their turn!
I want this show to be a product of all our hard work! I’ll be a shining star and a ship-shape pirate captain!
Captain Sky’s Pirates: Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: While I was hunting for triangles, I found Sakuya down by the river.
He was practicing his lines and he looked so, so serious...But also super happy! So I hung out and watched him.
When he realised I was there, his face got all red!
But then we practiced together, and we talked a lot and both agreed that acting is lots and lots of fun.
And then we searched for triangles on the way back home!
I dunno why, but when I hang out with Sakuya, I always feel really energetic, and I can’t wait to try acting more and more types of roles! It’s so weird!
Captain Sky’s Pirates: Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Ooh, when did you get here, Izumi?
I couldn’t sleep, so I came out here to practice some more.
Trouble sleeping...? Nope! I usually fall asleep right away!
I think I can get to sleep now, after moving around a bit. I even got to see you before bed! I bet I’ll sleep like a baby!
So that’s it for tonight. I’m going back to bed! You should get some sleep too.
Night, night! Come visit me in my dreams, okay?
Captain’s Sky Pirates: Misumi & Tasuku’s Chat
Misumi: Hey, Tasuku! Tasuku! Look1 Isn’t this arm muscle neat? Heheh! It’s called a ‘deltoid’, right? But it should be ‘triangloid’ because it’s triangular!
Tasuku: Huh. I never thought about it, but yeah, it sure is. Your ‘triangloid’ isn't bad either. With your athletic disposition, your muscle balance is pretty good.
Misumi: Tee hee! I’ve been doing the exercises you taught me!
Tasuku: You have? That’s good. It’s worth keeping up.
Misumi: Since my muscles are getting stronger, I feel stronger, too!
Misumi: I usually just lift Muku, but yesterday, I even lifted Kaz!
Tasuku: You...What?
Misumi: Maybe I can even lift you up! Can I try? Ready? Here I go!
Tasuku: Oi! Hold up! Hey! I’m huge, you can’t just-
Misumi: Aww...I can’t do it. I tried, but I can’t pick you up.
Tasuku: Obviously! I told you didn’t I? Geez...
Summer Troupe’s 4th Show: Love Out of Left Field!
Left Field: Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: Apparently, the role I’m playing in the show is a ‘social recluse’.
He also really likes weight training! Which makes me think of Tasuku and Tenma.
Tenma did weight training when we were practicing for Captain’s Sky Pirates. He was so cool!
I’m gonna get really buff for the show! I gotta get Tenma and Tasuku to teach me how to weight train!
Left Field: Misumi Ikarugaa (2/3)
Misumi: Kumon was really nice and woke me up today!
I haven’t shared a room with someone ever since Gramps passed away.
We say ‘good night’ when we go to sleep and ‘good morning’ when we wake up. And we talk about what we did that day before we go to bed.
Being able to do that makes me kind of happy.
Plus! Kumon likes triangles! I like showing him all my different triangles!
Tomorrow, I’m gonna wake Kumon up with my triangle alarm!
Left Field: Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: I’m home! And I’m hungry.
I was working all day, so I haven’t eaten yet.
Huh?! Dinner tonight is onigiri?! yay! Curry Soup and triangle onigiri!
did you make them just for me? That makes me happy! It’s like a reward for working so hard today!
I like making my own onigiri, but the ones you make taste even better!
Wanna eat with me? Food tastes better with company!
Oh! I have the day of tomorrow, so how about I make us an onigiri picnic lunch? We can take a stroll through the park and have a lunch date!
I’ll put extra love into making the onigiri so they taste super duper yummy!
Left Field: Misumi & Taichi’s Chat
Taichi: Hup!
Taichi: Ack!
Misumi: Wow! Your headstand has gotten better, Taichi!
Taichi: And down I go!
Taichi: Hehe, I feel like my arms have gotten a lot stronger!
Misumi: Yeah! I bet you could even do a flip!
Taichi: I’d be so cool if I could do a backflip or a back handspring! They might come in handy for an Autumn Troupe show, and I could surprise everyone!
Misumi: Yeah! Everyone would be super surprised!
Taichi: I bet if I became an acrobat, the girls would be all over me!
Misumi: So would the cats! You’d be able to race them and climb trees with them. They’d love you!
Taichi: Cats would?!
Taichi: I’d be popular with girls AND cats?! How freaking cool would that be?!
Taichi: I gotta work harder, then! I’m counting on you, Coach!
Misumi: That’s me! Let’s do this!
Saturday Practice
Free Sprits: Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: Me and Omi made some triangle onigiri today!
The big one is Omi’s. The super big one is mine!
Are you free today? The let’s make onigiri together!
The onigiri you make with friends are the yummiest of them all!
Free Spirits: Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: What am I watching? It’s a cartoon Itaru told me about!
It’s about a hero who’s gotta collect all of these triangle medals around the world to make his wish come true.
But after he gets them all they just combine into a star...sooo disappointing
If it were me, I’d wish for the triangle medals to stay the same.
Free Spirits: Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Ta-da! Look!
It’s a shiny traingle!
I found it when I was walking outside. It shines, just like you!
Here you go. Hope you like it.
Now we’re special triangle friends!
Free Spirits: Misumi & Juza’s Chat
Misumi: I’ve barely found any triangles today..Where could they be...?
Juza: ...Munch, munch.
Misumi: Found one!
Juza: ...!
Misumi: Juza, that cake you’re eating is cut into a triangle! Must be nice...I wanna eat a triangle...
Juza: ...Here. Take some. Just forget you ever saw me eating this.
Misumi: Okay! It’s our little secret!
Various Vows of Love
Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: I've actually acted as an extra before for work. I was just a random passerby in the background, though, so I had no lines.
But today, we'll be in a show Tenma stars in, and I can act with everyone else! I'm so happy! I'll do my very bestest!
I can't wait to have our pictures taken. I just took some with my phone earlier, too!
Look! This is the roof of the chapel! Isn't it such a pretty triangle?
I wonder if the photographer can take a picture of me with the triangle roof? I'll ask them later!
Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: I've seen Tenma on TV before, but this'll be my first time seeing him at work.
He was really amazing during the rehearsal!
Tenma looked way more mature than usual when he stared right into the camera.
When I get home, I'm gonna tell everyone about how hard Tenma worked!
I wonder what Itaru, Chikage, and Tsumugi are like when they're at work?
I wanna see how everyone acts when they're working!
Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Izumi! Upsie daisy!
Ahaha. Did I scare you? Sorry I lifted you up so suddenly.
Someone from the chapel showed me a pamphlet earlier, and there was a picture of a groom lifting up his bride.
When I saw it, I thought I wanted to take a picture like that with you!
Can you imagine it? It'd be a wonderful picture with the chapel's triangular roof, a garden full of flowers, and your pretty, pretty smile!
Ehehe. Can we take one like that together?
Yay, thank you! I'll hold you up, so take the picture for us, Izumi!
Okay, are you ready? Say 'triangle'!
Misumi & Omi’s Chat
Misumi: Triiangle!
Omi: That jump of yours sure is something, Misumi.
Misumi: Ehehe! Thank you!
Omi: Oh, right. My photography club is holding a little contest, and I was wondering if you could be my model for it.
Misumi: You want me to be a model?
Omi: Yep. I've always wanted to try taking dynamic photos of your acrobatics. I'm sure it'll be hard to capture your fast movements, but if I take my photos right, they'll be really impactful. If we take the pictures at the park, we can play with the cats there, too. Want to go with me this weekend?
Misumi: Okay, sure! I can't wait to hang out with you! Make sure to take lotsa pictures of me playing tag and climbing the trees with the kitty ears, okay?
Omi: Of course. Oh, I can make us some onigiri for lunch as well.
Misumi: Yay! Triangle onigiri! I wanna make them with you!
Omi: Haha. This is shaping up to be a fun photo shoot already.
Shinobi Adventures!
Misumi Ikaruga (1/3)
Misumi: I can't wait to play a ninja! The others said I can be in charge of the action scenes!
Ooh, maybe I can teach them all how to climb trees and run on the walls!
Huh? Running on the walls is too hard for them to do? Aw, boo...
I got it! Then I'll just teach them how to throw shurikens and climb ropes!
This is gonna be the best role study ever! We'll be the world's bestest ninjas!
Misumi Ikaruga (2/3)
Misumi: Hey, Izumi! I'm cleaning the storage room! I thought I could hide myself up in the ceiling just like those ninjas on TV, so I went up!
But it was super-duper dark in there and really, really dusty! My face got covered in dust and dirt, too...
And then the whole floor got covered in dust! So I'm cleaning it all up.
Sakyo would be super mad if he found out I made a mess in here...
It's not easy being a ninja... I've still got a lot to learn!
Misumi Ikaruga (3/3)
Misumi: Whoosh!
Misumi Ikaruga, at your service! You called, my lady?
Hehe, did I scare you?
I thought I heard you call me, so I decided to make a ninjastic entrance!
If I was a ninja, I'd wanna be in your service! I'll come right away if you call me, so just say the word whenever!
It doesn't matter if you're in trouble, feeling sad, or just wanna hunt for pretty triangles.
I'll whoosh right to your side when you need me!
Don't hold back and call me whenever you want, okay, Izumi? I'll be your triangle ninja! Nin nin!
Misumi & Guy’s Chat
Misumi: Aww...
Guy: Is that a reference book on ninjas you are reading? It seems to contain many informative illustrations and pictures within.
Misumi: Uh-huh! Look, look! This ninja is wearing a triangle hood!
Guy: I see. It does seem to be shaped like a triangle. So it derived its name of a 'squid-shaped hood' due to its squid-like similarities? Fascinating.
Misumi: But we're not using them for our play at all... I really wanted to be a real triangle ninja. So sad...
Guy: Hmm... I am uncertain whether or not this will provide you with comfort, but the other day, I saw some triangular hats in the shopping district.
Misumi: Really?!
Guy: Yes, I remember seeing them while I was searching for Citronia. There were many on display, so there is a good chance they are still in stock.
Misumi: I wanna see them! Lead the way, Guy!
Guy: Understood. I, too, have grown invested in your quest for triangles, so this should be interesting.
Misumi: Yay! Let's go! Time to start our Great Triangle Quest!
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