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Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Saku-Saku and Triangle
Veludo Station
Misumi: Sa-ku-ya!
Sakuya: ...That's me!
Misumi: Your name has 3 syllables, like a triangle!
Sakuya: ...You're right!
Veludo Park
Misumi: I want to find a crunchy triangle!
Sakuya: Like... Triangle-shaped cookies?
Sakuya: Misumi! Someone put a triangle-shaped cookie in our tip jar!
Misumi: Really?! Tri-tri-triangle!
Veludo Library
Misumi: I made a song about you and triangles!
Sakuya: Wow! What kind of song is it?
Misumi: Saku-saku triangle~♪
Sakuya: Uh...Saku, saku triangle...?
Masumi Usui - Same Name, Almost?
Veludo Station
Misumi: Our names are really similar, huh?
Masumi: Nope.
Misumi: Sure they are! Misumi and Masumi. Only 1 letter apart!
Masumi: Nope.
Veludo Park
Misumi: Masumi, do you like triangles?
Masumi: I like Director.
Misumi: Masumi will like triangles! Because our names are alike!
Masumi: I don't get what you mean.
Veludo Library
Misumi: The director said our names are similar too, you know!
Masumi: I guess if she said it, it must be true.
Misumi: I love the director, too!
Masumi: Stick with your triangles and stay out of our love.
Tsuzuru Minagi - No More Mr. Triangles
Veludo Station
Misumi: If you try real hard, I'll give you a Super Mr. Triangle!
Tsuzuru: I'm cool, thanks...
Misumi: Too bad! No more Super Mr. Triangle for you!
Tsuzuru: Why do I feel so mad? I didn't even want it!
Veludo Park
Misumi: Think we can get Super Mr. Triangle today?
Tsuzuru: Why do I want this so bad... No, you know what? No. I'm good.
Misumi: Good job! You get a normal Mr. Triangle!
Tsuzuru: Not Super?!
Veludo Library
Tsuzuru: What's a Super Mr. Triangle anyway?
Misumi: It's a Super Mister Triangle.
Misumi: Too bad! I think Super Mr. Triangle might be out of stock!
Tsuzuru: What do you mean, "might be"?!
Itaru Chigasaki - Triangle Game Dev
Veludo Station
Misumi: Itaru! Do you have triangle a triangle game?
Itaru: A triangle game? Like, a puzzle game?
Itaru: A triangle puzzle game?! Lemme play!
Misumi: I'll look for one. Gimme a sec.
Veludo Park
Itaru: Couldn't really find a triangle game...
Misumi: Keep trying, keep trying, keep tri-tri-triangle-ing!
Misumi: Why don't we make a triangle game?
Itaru: Huh. Point.
Veludo Library
Itaru: What kind of triangle game do you want to play?
Misumi: Hmm, a game where you can make triangles out of triangles!
Itaru: Mm, you mean like a brain training game?
Misumi: Not brains. Triangles.
Citron - Our Meeting Was Onigiri
Veludo Station
Citron: You must love onigiri. You shocked me back then!
Misumi: Sorry for eating your onigiri! But it was sooo good!
Citron: Let's make onigiri together sometime!
Misumi: Oni-oni-onigiri! Tri-tri-triangle!
Veludo Park
Citron: I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant!
Misumi: Have some onigiri!
Misumi: We got a ton of tips!
Citron: Let us buy tons of onigiri!
Veludo Library
Misumi: How do you say onigiri in English?
Citron: Rice ball.
Misumi: Rice ball? But it's not a ball, it's a triangle.
Citron: I always knew this time would come...
Chikage Utsuki - No Cats Allowed!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Today's street act's theme iiiis... Ta-dah! A cat nap! We'll be the cats!
Chikage: ...
Misumi: Chikage... You can't be the cat owner! You're supposed to play the cat!
Chikage: Playing a cat my age is kind of...
Veludo Park
Misumi: Chikaaageeee...let's play cats!! Hisoka played one before! On stage, too!
Chikage: Hisoka is a special case. Quit lumping me with him.
Misumi: Let's play tag with Hisoka and the neighborhood cats! It'll be fun!
Chikage: ...I'll consider it.
Veludo Library
Misumi: Ah! There's a pair of brother kitties over there! They say they wanna play!
Chikage: ...Go ahead and play without me.
Misumi: You may not like cats, but they sure like you!
Chikage: I wish they didn't.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Doting Big Bro?
Veludo Station
Misumi: Hmm...
Tenma: What? Looking for triangles again?
Misumi: Tenma, you've gotten taller!
Tenma: Oh, you noticed? I'm almost 180 cm now!
Veludo Park
Tenma: I'm starving. Let's go eat after this.
Misumi: Tenma! I have something good!
Tenma: Lemme guess. Onigiri?
Misumi: Bingo! I'll give you half!
Veludo Library
Misumi: Just for today I'll let you play the triangle role!
Tenma: That's even a role?!
Misumi: You're great at playing triangle! Gold star!
Tenma: Don't pat my head! I didn't even try to play a triangle!
Yuki Rurikawa - Gimmie a Triangle Costume!
Veludo Station
Yuki: Our next triangle will be...
Misumi: A triangle!
Yuki: Hm, what would be good for a skit with lots of movement?
Misumi: Tri-tri-triangle!
Veludo Park
Misumi: Yuki, make the next costume a triangle one.
Yuki: No. What even is a triangle costume, anyway?
Misumi: That was so fun... Let's do triangle jumps on the way home!
Yuki: Do it yourself.
Veludo Library
Muku Sakisaka - Peaceful Summer Pair
Veludo Station
Misumi: I'm gonna play a triangle, so you play the prince.
Muku: I get to be the prince? Yay!
Misumi: You were so cool as a prince!
Muku: You made a fine triangle too!
Veludo Park
Muku: Look! There's a kitty!
Misumi: It's saying hello!
Muku: You can speak cat?!
Misumi: Sure. Meow, meow, meow! ♪
Veludo Library
Kazunari Miyoshi - Double 3 of a Kind
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Sumi! Look at that cloud! It's a triangle!
Misumi: Whoa, you're right! Tri-tri-triangle!
Misumi: I'm starving... I wanna eat a triangle...
Kazunari: You've got 2 options! Onigiri, or a sandwich!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: I found something we have in common, Sumi!
Misumi: Really?! What is it?!
Kazunari: Did you know that we both have the kanji for 3 in our names? This is huge!
Misumi: Whoa, you're right! You're a genius!
Veludo Library
Kumon Hyodo - Awesome Triangles!
Veludo Station
Kumon: Sumi! You going triangle hunting today?
Misumi: Course I am! I think I'm gonna find some good ones, too!
Misumi: If you find a cool triangle, you'll be the first one I show it to, Kumon!
Kumon: Really?! Man, I can't wait!
Veludo Park
Misumi: Look, Kumon! I found this triangle just now!
Kumon: Wow, it looks really cool! I think it's a guitar pick!
Kumon: We should find a triangular guitar to go with your pick!
Misumi: Yeah! And if we find one, we can start a triangle band!
Veludo Library
Kumon: Hehe, I have a present for you, Sumi!
Misumi: Huh? What is it?
Kumon: Tada! They're triangular flag stickers!
Misumi: Wow, they're so cool! I'll put them up in our room when we get back!

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Seasoned Triangle Hunters
Veludo Station
Misumi: I haven't found many good triangles lately. I'm soo sad...
Banri: What even is a "good triangle"?
Banri: Whoa... I found one... That's one boss triangle...
Misumi: What?! Where, where?!
Veludo Park
Banri: ...Hey, isn't this a triangle?
Misumi: Ahh! I triangular leaf! Thanks!
Misumi: Banri, I'll give you a Super Mr. Triangle!
Banri: What is the fug triangle...?
Veludo Library
Juza Hyodo - Triangular Gaze!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Hmm...
Juza: ???
Misumi: Your eyes look like triangles!
Juza: What...?
Veludo Park
Misumi: Do you like looking for triangles?
Juza: ...I've never done it.
Misumi: Look, look! Triangular cakes!
Juza: ...Wanna buy some?
Veludo Library
Misumi: Let's shoot triangle beams out from our eyes!
Juza: There's no way I can do that.
Misumi: I love your triangle eyes! They're so cool!
Juza: Thanks.
Taichi Nanao - Origami Appreciators
Veludo Library
Misumi: You don't have any triangles. I'm disappointed.
Taichi: I...I'm sorry?!
Taichi: I never realized how hard it is to find triangles.
Misumi: Right? Triangle hunting is very serious buisness.
Veludo Park
Misumi: Origami is so amazing! Just fold once and you have a perfect triangle!
Taichi: I'm pretty good at origami, you know.
Taichi: Ta-da! My masterpiece! Hyper Origami Dragon!★
Misumi: I prefered the triangle...
Veludo Library
Omi Fushimi - Onigiri Makers
Veludo Station
Omi: I think I'll make onigiri out of the rice from dinner.
Misumi: Thanks!
Omi: What do you want in your onigiri?
Misumi: Mustard leaf, pollock roe, and pickled plum!
Veludo Park
Misumi: I'm hungry! I want some onigiri, Omi!
Omi: Thought you'd say that. Let's have some later.
Misumi: Onigiri time! ♪
Omi: Yep. Remember to wash your hands first.
Veludo Library
Sakyo Furuichi - Your Heart is a Triangle
Veludo Station
Misumi: Turn that frown upside down, Sakyo!
Sakyo: Shut up and concentrate on the skit.
Misumi: Your heart is a triangle...
Sakyo: I have no clue what that means.
Veludo Park
Sakyo: Ikaruga, do some acrobatics today.
Misumi: Right-o! ♪
Sakyo: We get way more tips when you do that.
Misumi: We got so much cash! Can I buy triangles?
Veludo Library
Azami Izumida - Triangle Makeup Please!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Azami! Can you do triangle makeup?
Azami: The hell kind of makeup is that?
Azami: You're already fully decked out in triangles as it is.
Misumi: Yuki said that too! But these aren't enough at all!
Veludo Park
Azami Seriously though, can you explain what triangle makeup even is?
Misumi: Hmm... I just want lots of triangles!
Azami: Should I just use face paint...? Anyway, go get me some reference images.
Misumi: Okay!
Veludo Library
Azami: Misumi, did you get me those triangle makeup pictures?
Misumi: Yup! I'll show them to you later!
Misumi: Here you go!
Azami: ...Super Mr. Triangle? What am I supposed to do with this?

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Moon-viewing Pals
Veludo Station
Misumi: Tonight's a full moon!
Tsumugi: Should we go look at it again together?
Tsumugi: Here's some snacks. It's dumplings.
Misumi: Perfect for moon watchin'!
Veludo Park
Misumi: The manager was saying there's a ghost on the roof the other day!
Tsumugi: He probably just saw us looking at the moon.
Misumi: It's amazing how easily you jumped onto the roof.
Tsumugi: It's simple. I'll teach you my secret later!
Veludo Library
Tasuku Takato - Triangle Muscles!
Veludo Station
Misumi: You're so ripped, Tasuku!
Tasuku: I wouldn't say I'm ripped yet...
Misumi: Kazu said your triangle muscles are incredible!
Tasuku: Do you mean my trapezius muscles...?
Veludo Park
Misumi: Where's your triangle muscle?
Tasuku: The muscle around your shoulders.
Misumi: I'll work out my triangle muscles! It'll get real big!
Tasuku: We'll need it for your acrobatics. I'll let you borrow my dumbbells.
Veludo Library
Hisoka Mikage - Athletic Ghosts
Veludo Station
Misumi: Let's do an air battle for today's skit!
Hisoka: Air battle. Got it.
Misumi: Wow, we got a ton of tips!
Hisoka: Let's buy marshmallows on the way home.
Veludo Park
Misumi: I got yelled at for leaving through my dorm's window. You do it too, right?
Hisoka: I want to, but I resist the urge and use the front door.
Misumi: I'm sure you could jump out the second floor.
Hisoka: We're the ones who could.
Veludo Library
Homare Arisugawa - Triangle Poems
Veludo Station
Misumi: Think up an idea for your poem yet?
Homare: Mm...Nothing yet.
Misumi: Where's your poem?
Homare: Art takes time.
Veludo Park
Misumi: I thought up a triangle poem!
Homare: Oh? You have to let me hear it.
Misumi: Tri-tri-triangle! Angle-angle-Tri! Onigiri's oh so yummy!
Homare: You might be a genius...
Veludo Library
Azuma Yukishiro - Grown-up Triangle!
Veludo Station
Azuma: Here's a triangle snack.
Misumi: Yay! Yatsuhashi! Triangles, triangles!
Azuma: We got so many tips. Good job. Let's take a detour on our way back.
Misumi: Yaaay! I'm the MVP! ☆
Veludo Park
Misumi: What kind of triangle are you, Azuma?
Azuma: I wonder. Why don't you try and find out?
Misumi: I'm sure you're an adult triangle.
Azuma: An adult triangel...I like the sound of that ♪
Veludo Library
Guy - Triangles From Abroad!
Misumi: Are there lots of awesome triangles in Zafra?
Guy: Hm. I have never thought about what makes a triangle 'awesome' or not.
Guy: What qualities make a triangle 'awesome!'
Misumi: The kind that makes you all amazed and happy and bouncy!
Veludo Park
Guy: So a triangle is a feeling. I have asked my subordinate to search for some.
Misumi: Wow, thank you! I can't wait to hear more!
Guy: He said the palace lamps, spices and a folk craft are all fine triangles.
Misumi: Wow! I really wanna see all of them!
Veludo Library
Misumi: All of the Zafran triangles you gave me are great!
Guy: I am happy to hear that. I will arrange for more soon.
Misumi: You guys should make a triangle order catalog!
Guy: I'm not sure what we should put in such a catalog, but I will tell them.