Missions are found in the Home tab, next to Friends. Players can do missions to earn Training Items, Gems, and more. There are three different missions, Daily, Weekly and Limited Daily Missions. Each type has four missions in total. Tap "Accept All" to claim all your prizes.

Prizes (Buds, Seeds, Yuzo Cards) may change without notice and randomly.

Note: Daily Missions resets every day at 00:00 PST/PDT and Weekly Missions on Monday at 00:00!

Daily Missions

Mission Prizes
Practice 3 times x1 Comedy.png Action.png Drama.png Yuzo N
Do a Show 3 times x1 Bud Sakura Bud.pngSunflower Bud.pngCosmos Bud.pngNarcissus Bud.png
Earn Cash 1 time x1 Seed Sakura Seed.pngSunflower Seed.pngCosmos Seed.pngNarcissus Seed.png
Clear all Daily Missions x1 Gem Diamond.png

Weekly Missions

Mission Prizes
Collect a Login Bonus 7 times x5 Gems Diamond.png
Practice 21 times within the week x30000 Coins Coins.png
Do a Show 21 times within the week x5 Gems Diamond.png
Earn Cash 7 times within the week x4000 Friend Points Friend points.png

Limited Missions

This feature has not yet been released on the EN version of A3.

Available during characters' birthdays.

Mission Prizes
Practice 1 time x15 Gems Diamond.png
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