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"I might be late bloomer, but I swear I`ll make you proud."

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Card Name Minagi Tsuzuru
【About To Bloom】
【開花の予感】 皆木綴
How to Obtain Initial

Available in the Premium Tryouts and every Event Tryouts.

Backstage Story Sleeping Brother
Card Stats
Rarity SR
Attribute (min/max)* Comedy.png Comedy 1,300 / max
Action.png Action 927 / max
Drama.png Drama 1483 / max
Max Rank Lv. 80
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
Lead Skill
Hard working Dandelion
Max Rank Lv. 10
Effect (Initial) Increases Team`s Dr somewhat
Ad lib Skills
Passion for Playwriting
Max Rank Lv. 4
Effect (Initial) 30% chance that Dr will increase moderately

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