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It is not wise to ignore Sakyo's request, please help him out.
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"The gap in experience, it is still too big. However, I should not become impatient, let's get better one step at a time. I'll gain expertise of it someday, maybe."

Tsuzuru R1.png

Tsuzuru R1+.png

Card Name Minagi Tsuzuru
【Standing Rehearsal】
【立ち稽古】 皆木綴
How to Obtain Initial

Available in every scout.

Backstage Story Small Awakening Of Love
Card Stats
Rarity R
Attribute (min/max)* Comedy.png Comedy 1,180 / max
Action.png Action 1,345 / max
Drama.png Drama min / max
Max Rank Lv. 60
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
Lead Skill
A dream I don't want to give up
Max Rank Lv. 10
Effect (Initial) Small Ac increase for all units.
Ad lib Skills
Good Grief Pose
Max Rank Lv. 4
Effect (Initial) 20% possibility of Ac increase



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