Mini Conversations are the small conversations the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond each.

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Romeo and Julius
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (1/3)
Tsuzuru: Mercutio’s Romeo’s childhood friend……
I’ve never played a role like that before but it might be easier to go through with it if I act like an older brother.
In actual fact, asides from Sakuya who’s playing as Romeo, there are still many other people targeting Masumi, who’s playing Julius……
Though I don’t have much experience in plays, I intend to thoroughly understand the character’s I’ve wrote down in the script.
I am an actor from now on. I’ll be leaving the directing of the play to you, Director.
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (2/3)
Tsuzuru: Since Citron-san had said that he wanted to go along no matter what, I brought him along to the karaoke.
And then he monopolized the mic, singing really awfully in popular songs in some language none of us could make out.
That was the first time I ever felt that an hour could be so long……
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (3/3)
Tsuzuru: I had met the owner where I had been working part-time for after a long absence earlier. He had somehow known about you.
What a small world–
The owner had said that you were a “Cute and kind girl” but all of us know that really well–
Wait, I don’t mean anything at all……!
Tsuzuru & Misumi Talk
Misumi: Tsuzuru, Tsuzuru~! I’ve got something to ask of you–!
Tsuzuru: A favor? What is it?
Misumi: Tsuzuru wrote the play’s script, right? That’s why I want to play as a triangle in the next act–!
Tsuzuru: No, I’ve already said it earlier but there’s no mistake with your role–
Misumi: How about the role of a rice ball or~ the role of a ruler! I’m okay with anything so long as it’s triangular–!
Tsuzuru: You’re not listening at all! Besides, what’s a triangle gonna be doing in here.
Misumi: A stationary great war!
Tsuzuru: Wait, that actually sounds a little interesting![1]

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Boy Alice in Wonderland
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (1/3)
Tsuzuru: I wrote it myself but I certainly didn’t think that I would have to act while wearing rabbit ears…….
Huh? The original White Rabbit was a character that was easily swayed by the other characters?

If you’re the one saying it then it might so….
Gosh, it’s kinda messed up to relate to that.
I had a feeling that I would be good at playing the White Rabbit.
I’m going to get fired up and do my best!

Side Minagi Tsuzuru (2/3)
Tsuzuru: Recently, the manager has been humming songs while cleaning. At first I ignored him, but if you listen carefully, it’s a good song and he’s pretty good at humming it.
The manager’s irresponsible, bad at cooking, and he has bad taste.
Honestly, it was disappointing. Perhaps, if he tried singing properly, he’d be good at it, maybe…?
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (3/3)
Tsuzuru: To be honest, my friends from university invited me to a group date. But, I turned them down saying it was because I’m busy and I have practice.
It’s not that I hate noisy get-togethers with everyone but it doesn’t mean I like group dates like Miyoshi-san does.
Rather than going to a group date I prefer rehearsing for plays and eating meals with everyone from the troupe — and it’s much more fun when I’m with you like this, Director!
Tsuzuru & Tsumugi Talk
Tsuzuru: Huh? Is that a workbook for middle school students, Tsukioka-san?
Tsumugi: Yeah. There’s a kid I'm going to tutor.
Tsuzuru: That's right, you do home tutoring, Tsukioka-san. Huh, isn’t that one for high school students?
Tsumugi: This is for Taichi-kun and Tenma-kun. I promised to look at their homework tonight.
Tsuzuru: Ah, I see.
Tsumugi: Today, Juza-kun said he might also participate. That reminds me, Muku-kun was writing an essay, but I wonder if he’s finished.
Tsuzuru: Haha. I’m also always getting advice from you when I writing a script, you really are the MANKAI Company’s Tsukioka-sensei.

Mini Conversation for the University Students Group[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for the University Students Group
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (1/3)
Tsuzuru: How I spend my time at college? Ah, I like the library. It's really comfortable...
Between lectures I hang around there, before I notice my wonderful time just goes by.
There are also so many books with material I can use for writing.... It's like my oasis on the campus.
It's not just only the books I like....but the whole atmosphere?

In the past used to be a member of the library committee before, so it feels a bit like home~.

Side Minagi Tsuzuru (2/3)
Tsuzuru: I often get asked by senpais of the literature department about the photography department, even though I'm only in the same circle as Fushimi-san, it's still troublesome.
At drinking parties or training camps they'll take the initiative, yet I don't know if he is unaware that woman aim for him....
But, he rejects any advances clearly. Yet it seems like its not his principle.
There are plenty things left to learn....It's really good that I go to the same university as Fushimi-san.
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (3/3)
Tsuzuru: At college, people with so many various dreams attend it.... people who produce music, some draw manga.
Also, everyone is similar to us who play in dramas, sometimes it's hard but everyday is also a lot of fun.
Of course I know it's not a path, but I really am grateful that I can follow my dream with all might, that's what I thought.
Also, I realized pursuing the same dream together with friends is reassuring, especially because I did it alone in high school.
From now on doing plays together with Director and everyone else, it gives me a pleasant​ itching to do something....
Suddenly I became passionate with little hesitation, but this is my honest feeling now.
Tsuzuru & Tenma Talk
Tsuzuru: Tenma, you play as a college student in your next drama?

Could it be, that you'll film inside our university?

Tenma: Ahh, the other day we filmed the first episode. Hasei University is quite big.
Tsuzuru: Yup. Our campus ground is wide~ There are different department buildings.... Tenma, did you got lost?
Tenma: I, I wasn't lost!! Just when I came back from the toilet, for a moment I couldn't understand where the location of building 1 was.

Ahh, it's an unfamiliar area so it's inevitable.

The morning I first enrolled I didn't knew which was building No. 1 and which was No. 2.
Filming will take a while, won't it? How about you go incognito and visit me next time?

I'll give you a tour around Omi's and my campus.

Tenma: ..Thank you. Actually, I heard from the staff that the school cafeteria's chicken soba is really good.

So please show me around next time.

Mini Conversation for the Great Camp Bonding Strategy[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for the Great Camp Bonding Strategy
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (1/3)

That reminds me, I once had a part-time job at a campsite.
What was this job about? Giving information on facilities and the preparation of barbecue tools...
Also, there were a some of people who got injured so I had to do a lot of first aid.
Thanks to my little brothers I already knew a bit and was able to do it quickly.

Side Minagi Tsuzuru (2/3)
Tsuzuru: After all we're camping so we'll cook with outdoor cooking utensils​.
That's why, I thought about checking out camping dishes.
I borrowed a book from the library and Fushimi-san taught me a bit too....
In the end it will be curry.... But, it's delicious.
Side Minagi Tsuzuru (3/3)
Tsuzuru: Oh, Director. I'll setup the tent.
It's okay. Director it's dangerous, so please step back.
I did that during my part time job at the campsite so I'm good at it.
Besides, if Director got injured the Director would be troubled, isn't it so.
You are our Director after all. So, please don't hesitate to depend on me.
Tsuzuru & Muku Talk
Tsuzuru: With that, the preparation of the campfire is OK.
Muku: Yes. A campfire is sure is nice. It sometimes appears in shōjo manga too.

Staring into a campfire while sharing love stories, dancing a folk dance around it.

Tsuzuru: By the way, at school festivals I've danced a folk dance around a campfire too.
Muku: Ehh, really!? How nice, I want to try it too. A folk dance....It's a classic heart throbbing scene yet the members of our camp are only boys..... Ah, if it was Maimo・Maimo[2], everyone would be able to do it!
Tsuzuru: The spring and summer troupe members, doing Maimo・Maimo....

To be able to imagine something like this, it's kinda amazing.

Mini Conversation for The Clockwork Heart[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Credits go to
  2. Translator note: It's some kind of folk dance, I think.
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