Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sakuma Sakuya - Big Bros
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Let's act as brothers.
Sakuya: Can I be the big bro?
Sakuya: We ended up switching roles...
Tsuzuru: I guess I need to practice more....
Velvet Park
Sakuya: I don't remember if I ever played in the park...
Tsuzuru: Seriously!?
Tsuzuru: I used to play in the park with my little brothers every day.
Sakuya: As I thought, Tsuzuru-san is a great older brother.
Velvet Town Library
Sakuya: Tsuzuru-kun, it feels like you're the Spring Troupe's older brother!
Tsuzuru: Aside from you Sakuya, there are a lot of people I don't want as my brothers...
Sakuya: If the Spring Troupe were brothers, Itaru-san would be the oldest son after all.
Tsuzuru: The two eldest were vagabonds, and the middle child would only worry about the family situation...
Usui Masumi - Like Brothers
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: All right, I'll start the skit. Hey, wake up!!
Masumi: Zzz... Zzz...
Masumi: I miss the director...
Tsuzuru: Yeah, yeah. Let's go home, then.
Velvet Park
Masumi: Tsuzuru, there is a role I'd like to have.
Tsuzuru: Oh, that's rare.
Masumi: I, I want to be Directors husband—
Tsuzuru: I figured! Rather don't just skip over boyfriend straight to a husband!
Velvet Town Library
Masumi: I want to disappear...I can't live anymore...
Tsuzuru: You're still worried because the Director got angry this morning?
Tsuzuru: ... How about you buy curry bread for the Director on the way home?
Masumi: *Nod*
Chigasaki Itaru - Give Me Your Phone
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Will you please put your phone away?
Itaru: Can I use it as a prop?
Tsuzuru: You really used it as a prop... Props to you, man...
Itaru: And I used up my stamina too ♪
Velvet Park
Itaru: Tsuzuru, would you try this gacha?
Tsuzuru: I didn't get a rare card.
Itaru: Uwa, what a praiseworthy drop... Really... As expected from Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: I don't understand it very well, but I think something is wrong.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Yes, yes. Good, let's begin.
Itaru: Ah, wait a moment. The 3x experience fever started.
Itaru: Tsuzuru, your face looks tired. It's fine by me if you need some consultation?
Tsuzuru: Whose fault do you think it is!? Really... I need a remote control for you.
Citron - Mankai Comedy Duo
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Why are you wearing a bowtie?
Citron: Today isn't street comedy?
Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru, your jokes are an artillery-grade human cook!
Citron: That's an insult to cooks!
Velvet Park
Citron: Tsuzuru, an authentic "what the hell"[1]! Show it to me!
Tsuzuru: I won't. What's an authentic....
Citron: Ohh, the top of Tsuzuru's head resembles a coffee pudding~
Tsuzuru: What the hell!
Velvet Town Library
Citron: In manzai, the "I've had enough!" line is from the end celery.
Tsuzuru: Ehh? There's such a celery... Wait, it's the end theory!
Citron: Tsuzuru, you're steadily improving your tsukkomi!
Tsuzuru: I have the feeling that's Citron-san's expectation....!
Chikage Utsuki - Crazy Story Generator
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Hm...
Chikage: Something on your mind, Tsuzuru? I can lend an ear.
Tsuzuru: I've been looking over my notes for new ideas, but they're all so cliche.
Chikage: If you're in need of inspiration, I can offer a few ideas.
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: Can you name the biggest failure you've ever witnessed on the job?
Chikage: One time, a package went missing and lost the company 10 million yen.
Tsuzuru: I could barely focus on our skit...TEN MILLION YEN?
Chikage: I mean, I didn't say it happened to me. I watched it on an in-flight movie.
Veludo Library
Tsuzuru: You were just talking to some boy from a different country. You know him?
Chikage: He's an informant gathering data on this area. He's actually older than me.
Tsuzuru: Now way, he was totally a kid...Wait, what's this about an informant?!
Chikage: Haha. Feel free to use this in one of your plays.

Summer Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sumeragi Tenma - Income Inequality
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Hey, just out of curiosity... How much allowance do you get?
Tenma: Allowance? For one month, I get...
Tenma: You're that shocked?
Tsuzuru: I never should've asked... Celeberties are incredible...
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Oh, there is a candy store. I decided to spend 50 yen a day.
Tenma: 50 yen!? You can buy sweets for 50 yen...?
Tsuzuru: Shall we go to the cheap candy store?
Tenma: Well, since it can't be helped, I'll buy some for the Summer Troupe.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Tenma's autograph is worth ten thousand yen...
Tenma: What are you thinking about...
Tsuzuru: Please help me out of financial trouble! I'm having you on, I was just joking.
Tenma: Hey, Tsuzuru-san, that sounded rather serious!
Rurikawa Yuki - Sharp Tongue & Sandbag
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Let's do do a period piece today. My role is...
Yuki: Villager C. Got it.
Tsuzuru: I can't believe you really called me Villager C! Out loud!
Yuki: Pretty good for improv though, right?
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: The lunch I made was delicious, wasn't it?
Yuki: So-so. It tasted like you had only one year left to live.
Tsuzuru: Only a year left to live, what kind of flavor is that!?
Yuki: Water down the taste. Along with that, train your vocabulary.
Velvet Town Library
Yuki: You'll begin to have a proper presence, right?
Tsuzuru: I'll begin! I'll definitely start!
Tsuzuru: So Yuki, what do you think I am? A punching bag?
Yuki: Haven't I said it enough times? You're Villager C.
Sakisaka Muku - Vetern Librarians
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Muku, are you on any commit
Muku: I've been on the library committee for 3 years.
Tsuzuru: Must be easy. All you have to do is sit at the counter.
Muku: You can hide and eat snacks, too.
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: When I was in middle school, I only read biographies and manga....
Muku: That's funny! I like the same.
Tsuzuru: The smell of a library always calms me down a bit.
Muku: I can relate! I always stay longer than I initially planned.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: This library's good lineup really saves me.
Muku: They also had Arisu-san's poem!
Tsuzuru: Ah, I still need material. Could I leave for the library---
Muku: What do you need? I'll help you find it!
Ikaruga Misumi - No More Mr. Triangles
Veludo Station
Misumi: If you try real hard, I'll give you a Super Mr. Triangle!
Tsuzuru: I'm cool, thanks...
Misumi: Too bad! No more Super Mr. Triangle for you!
Tsuzuru: Why do I feel so mad? I didn't even want it!
Velvet Park
Misumi: I wonder if I'm able to get super triangle-kun today~?
Tsuzuru: I don't need it, I want... No, I really don't need it.
Tsuzuru: It's totally not super!
Misumi: Yes! It's a normal triangle~!
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: What is a super triangle-kun anyway?
Misumi: It's a super triangle~
Tsuzuru: What do you mean! Hold on!
Misumi: Sorry! There is a super triangle I'm missing~
Miyoshi Kazunari - Former Schoolmates
Velvet Station Front
Tsuzuru: You haven't changed at all since high school, Miyoshi...
Kazunari: You're still just as plain as you were back then!
Kazunari: I'm so glad you invited me to join the troupe!
Tsuzuru: I didn't think you'd actually say yes...
Velvet Park
Kazunari: Tsuzurun~ Did you have a good time during high school~?
Tsuzuru: Even if I didn't, I wouldn't tell you...
Kazunari: Hey~ Tsuzurun~ Got a girlfriend~?
Tsuzuru: So pesky...It's a secret I keep.
Velvet Town Library
Kazunari: Tsuzurun, you were pretty popular with the girls in my year back in high school, you know~?
Tsuzuru: F-for real!?
Kazunari: You were the number one underclassman wanted as a little brother!
Tsuzuru: So that's what you meant-!

Autumn Troupe[edit | edit source]

Settsu Banri - Easy vs. Hard Mode
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: ...How much is your monthly allowance?
Banri: Allowance? I don't get one.
Tsuzuru: So you're living off your part-time job too, huh?
Banri: Got a credit card. No cash needed.
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: I've got lots of experience with part-time jobs.
Banri: If that's so, even I could do hard jobs.
Tsuzuru: If you're interested, I can introduce you to some interesting jobs.
Banri: Yeah yeah~
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: About this months money~ Have you thought about it?
Banri: Ahh....no.
Tsuzuru: Try calling my life super ultra easy mode too.
Banri: I'm kinda envious of Tsuzuru's hard mode.
Hyodo Juza - Delinquent Little Bro
Veludo Station
Juza: …..
Tsuzuru: I know you're nervous, but don't just glare at the audience.
Tsuzuru: Want some ice cream on the way back?
Juza: Yeah.
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: You're more the worldly-wise type.
Juza: I never thought about that.
Tsuzuru: You, you have the type of face of a person who is good at saving up.
Juza: ??? What kind of face am I supposed to have?
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Your appearance might be grim, but it's kinda cute too, Juza.
Juza: That's the first time I got called that.
Tsuzuru: Now, I can understand the feeling Fushimi-san gets when he prepares sweets for you.
Juza: ???
Nanao Taichi - Big Bros
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Hey Taichi, you're the oldest kid at home, right?
Taichi: Yup, sure am! Maybe I'll take over your role as the big bro, too!
Tsuzuru: You're totally a little bro! Don't step on my turf!
Taichi: Everyone wants to be the big bro! Gotta have ambition!
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Having been few years of being a big brother, somehow I can be patient.
Tachi: I get ya! I want an older girlfriend to spoil me~!
Tsuzuru: You really have nothing but popularity in your head...
Tachi: Tsuzuru-kun is the good person till the end type!
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Somehow, it feels like I've been close to Taichi
Taichi: Hearing that from Tsuzuru-kun doesn't make me happy at all!
Tsuzuru: I'm starting to anticipate the meetings with my younger brothers back home.
Taichi: I also want to see my little sister.
Fushimi Omi - Yosei Uni Kitchen Dwellers
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: What's for dinner?
Omi: Minestrone soup and chicken confit.
Tsuzuru: You sure Kamekichi's cool with us having chicken again?
Omi: Ah, now that you mention it, that is a delicate subject for him...
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: I'll make lunch. Just fried rice with lettuce.
Omi: Tsuzuru's fried rice is crumbly and delicious.
Omi: I can make desserts, would almond jelly be alright?
Tsuzuru: With desserts, everyone's spirits will rise up~
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: It's curry tonight.
Omi: That's what Director went shopping for...
Tsuzuru: I saw that it's mutton curry this time.
Omi: One way or the other, Director's curry is  delicious.
Furuichi Sakyo - Movie Appreciators
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: I watched that movie you told me about, it was super good.
Sakyo: I'm glad you liked it. Hope it helps with the scripts.
Tsuzuru: Can I come over and borrow more DVDs?
Sakyo: Sure, anytime.
Velvet Park
Sakyo: I found a screening room we could rent.
Tsuzuru: Oh, nice! Let's go there next time!
Tsuzuru: I wish we had a screening room in the dorm.
Sakyo: That would be, by no means, a wasteful expense... Well, maybe in the future.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Don't you also want to watch a B-movie occasionally?
Sakyo: The movie "Super-Evolved Crayfish Conquering The World", is a fine recommendation.
Tsuzuru: Let's have a B-movie festival next time!
Sakyo: Great suggestion. Let's assemble.

Winter Troupe[edit | edit source]

Tsukioka Tsumugi - Screenplay Consultant
Velvet Station Front
Tsumugi: Are you making good progress on the script?
Tsuzuru: Eh, not exactly...
Tsumugi: Let me know if you need any advice.
Tsuzuru: I'd love that. I always appreciate hearing your opinions.
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Takato-san, I didn't get a fairly good impression from him...
Tsumugi: Tasuku is bad at praising. I've read your script and like always it was enjoyable.
Tsuzuru: As a playwright, I'll have to learn more.
Tsumugi: Okay. Give it your all.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: I want to write Tsumugi-san a role that overthrows your image.
Tsumugi: I'm looking forward to the next role you give me.
Tsuzuru: I would like to give Tsumugi-san a female role...
Tsumugi: Ehh!? That would be a bit embarrassing.... but I would accept and perform it with all my might.
Takato Tasuku - Former Gas Station Workers
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Have you ever worked at a gas station?
Tasuku: Yeah, when I was in school.
Tsuzuru: Ah, so when I saw "Takato" written on the schedule, it was you!
Tasuku: Never thought I'd run into a former co-worker here...
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Unexpectedly​ I liked the oil exchange the most~
Tasuku: I put all effort in how fast I can get them to leave the garage.
Tsuzuru: At the gas station, it's fairly hard job but enjoyable once you get used to it.
Tasuku: It also became a good job for vocal practice.
Velvet Town Library
Tsuzuru: Next time, would you stop by the workplace and play together with me?
Tasuku: Okay. I drive by next time.
Tsuzuru: How about a story with gas station part-time job... How does that sound?
Tasuku: Might be surreal. If you like, let me play in it.
Mikage Hisoka - Personal Taxi
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Crap... I forget the marshmallows...
Hisoka: Zzz…
Tsuzuru: I guess I'll have to carry you home...
Hisoka: Snore...Zzz...
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Good, today I brought marshmallows with me....what you're already sleeping!
Hisoka: Zz...
Tsuzuru: I'll slowly found out the trick about how to transport him with ease.
Hisoka: Zz...zzz....
Velvet Town Library
Hisoka: Arisu told me, Tsuzuri would be his carriage substitute.
Tsuzuru: Arisugawa-san did!?
Hisoka: Tsuzuru, thanks do transportation today... zz...
Tsuzuru: Understood.... stop treating people as transportation service!
Arisugawa Homare - Mankai Literature Club
Veludo Station
Homare: Why don't we do a public reading?
Tsuzuru: Sure. That'll be good acting practice.
Homare: Might I suggest reading one of my-
Tsuzuru: Ah, nevermind. I'm not doing this.
Velvet Park
Homare: I would like to get more members to our literary group.
Tsuzuru: Muku or Furuchi-san look like they might join.
Homare: To persuade I'll have a recitation of my poetry...
Tsuzuru: So persistent~
Velvet Town Library
Homare: With your script, if you every reached an impasse. Use on this book for reference.
Tsuzuru: Thank you very much....eh it's Arisugawa-san's peom collection...!
Homare: My new publication, there is no doubt that's the bookstores grand prize.♪
Tsuzuru: One day I want to reach a place there I'm that self-confident. Just there.
Yukishiro Azuma - Need A Part Time Job?
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Crap...I'm gonna run out of money for the month...
Azuma: Oh? Want me to tell you about a good part-time job?
Azuma: It's really simple, shifts are flexible, and it pays well.
Tsuzuru: Why does this sound suspicious?
Velvet Park
Tsuzuru: Yukishiro-san, about that good sounding part-time job you told me before...
Azuma: Fufu, it's sleeping with people. You would be my inheritor ♪
Tsuzuru: That's a job for highly skilled people. I don't think I could do it!
Azuma: It's easy. You just listen to the other person and sleep for a night with them.
Velvet Town Library
Azuma: Tsuzuru, you're interested in becoming my inheritor?
Tsuzuru: It's went from a job offer to an inheritance...!
Azuma: So you won't do it? It comes with an hourly wage, you know?
Tsuzuru: !!!!! Please, please let me think about it...

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Citron is talking about "nandeyanen" something a Tsukkomi often replies to a Boke in a comedic act.
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