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Izumi: Please come see our show!

Miki: Oh, Director!

Izumi:Miki? Hey.

Miki: You're passing out flyers, huh?

Miki: You must be exhausted.

Miki: Hm? You still have a lot left.

Izumi: Yeah, the weather's not helping, and it's been kind of a bad day.

Miki: You should've told me! I'm really good at this!

Izumi: You're good at passing out flyers...?

Miki: Yup! Give me half of your pile.

Miki: Hehe, just watch, okay?

Izumi: Sure.

Miki: Hi there, ladies! Oh, wow! You're all really pretty! Are you here to shop?

Miki: Would you like some flyers about a play?
Flyer Pro Part 1
[Veludo Way: Morning]
Miki: Hi there, ladies! Oh, wow! You guys are really pretty! Are you here to shop?

Miki: Will you take some flyers about a play?

Miki: Of course! I'm working real hard. I promise It's going to be interesting, so please come watch it!

Miki: Thanks! I'll be waiting for you!

Miki: Who's next...

Miki: You! That handsome guy over there!

Miki: I'm from the Mankai Company!

Miki: The Summer Troupe is going to put on a show and...

Miki: Oh, you're interested, too? Here's the flyer!

Miki: Thank you!

Izumi: (Geez, he's good!)

Miki: You see? Easy as taking candy from a baby.

Izumi: Color me impressed, Miki!

Miki: I've always wanted to try handing out flyers once.

Miki: It's pretty fun! I'll help out again, so call me anytime!

Izumi: Thanks! That'll be a big help. With your cuteness, we'll be able to hand out twice the number of flyers!

Miki: Hehe, right?

Miki: Leave selling tickets up to me, too.

Miki: I'll make sure to sell lots ♪

Flyer Pro Part 2
[Veludo Way: Morning]
Woman 1: A flyer? Ooh, that's a pretty design!
Woman 2: It is! Mankai Company? I haven't heard of them, but will you be in the play, too?
Woman 1: Oh you're so cute! Sure, we'll think about it. We'll take the flyers! Good luck with practice!
[Time Skip]
Story Clear