A sleepy prince-like actor with no memories.

Mikage Hisoka (御影密) is a member of the Winter Troupe who joined the Mankai Company after he collapsed in front of the theatre. He has neither home nor any memories of whom he was before he collapsed, besides his own name. However, he is skilled at acting and very light on his feet but can also fall asleep anytime and at any place.

Appearance Edit

Hisoka Casual chibi 2

Hisoka is a young man with silver hair that often falls in front of his face and covers his lime-green colored eyes. He prefers to wear clothes that keep him warm and comfy while he often falls asleep in them. Hisoka wears a dark red shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans and brown leather boots. Above it all, he wears a long, mouse-gray cardigan.

Personality Edit

Hisoka is a calm and silent person, who uses very few words to communicate with others. Furthermore, he often seems to space out and has his attention elsewhere, yet is good at observing his surroundings and notices even the most insignificant details around him. Hisoka often falls asleep even in the middle of practice or a discussion but can smoothly be woken up by feeding him his favorite food, marshmallows. He is by far the most mysterious of all Mankai actors and doesn't tell others about himself, not that he knows much after his amnesia anyway.

History Edit

On the way home from performing a street act to attract new actors, Izumi and rest of the Winter Troupe noticed Hisoka lying asleep in front of the theatre. Later, after he woke up, he could neither remember where he came from nor who he was. All memories were gone due to his amnesia besides that, he could only remember his own name. Seeing an opportunity, Izumi offered him a place in the dormitory to stay, in exchange for him acting in the winter ensemble.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Winter TroupeHisokaSSRIconAzumaSSRIconTsumugiSSRIconTasukuSSRIconHomareSSRIconBig Sr Boost
Sweet ToothHisokaSSRIconAzumaSSRIconJuzaSSRIconMukuSSRIcon Co Boost
Solitary LifeHisokaSSRIconAzumaSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconSr Boost
Motion Sensitivity MonsterHisokaSSRIconMisumiSSRIconAc Boost
Sleeping Kids Grow Up WellHisokaSSRIconMasumiSSRIconSr Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "I had a dream last night... Hm? What was in it?"
  • "Sno....res..."
  • "No... Don't take away my marshmallows..."
  • "Nn... I slept well... But.. I want a bit more.."
  • "I found a good pillow. From now on, Director's lap is exclusively for me."
  • "Yesterday Arisu was too noisy for me to sleep."
  • "Waking me....the worst. What do you need me for?"
  • "Why are you surprised? There are times even I am awake."
  • "Why do I sleep so much? Because I'm sleepy. There is no other reason for it."
  • "Good morning... Good night... Zzz"
  • "Ahh~ It's nice weather today so let's sleep in the park."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Something smells sweet. It looks delicious. I want some of that chocolate too." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "A marshmallow for you as a return gift. This, it seems to be called a Heart of Happiness and it’s said to be rare." White Day Dialogue
  • "I am not sleepy at all today. Isn’t that amazing of me? ... Zzz..." April Fool's Dialogue
  • "Happy Birthday. I am most comfy while sleeping beside you Director...zzz..."
  • "....Tell congratulations to Arisu from me."
  • "My present for Tasuku is a coupon that allows him to carry me 10 times. How about it?"
  • "Sakuya, Happy Birthday. That you always are so energetic is fine, I guess."
  • "Masumi, Happy Birthday. Let’s take afternoon naps together again."
  • "Tsuzuru, congratulations. Everyone gets shocked each time you suddenly collapse so be careful."

Trivia Edit

  • Hisoka is good at playing the slot machine and darts.
    Hisoka sig
  • He likes marshmallows the most but dislikes meat.
  • In Sympathy for the Angel he played the role of "Uriel".
Hisokas Doodle

Hisoka's doodle.

  • Yuki likes to call him "Psycho Sleeper".
    • Kazunari, on the other hand, calls him "Hiso Hiso".
  • He shares his room with Homare.
  • Hisoka drew a cat's face in the notebook.

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