Media[edit | edit source]

Anime: [edit | edit source]

The A3! Anime is split into two separate anime, one titled A3! Season Spring & Summer, currently complete with 12 episodes, and the other, A3! Season Autumn & Winter, not released yet. Together they cover Episodes 1-4 in the main storyline.

Manga:[edit | edit source]

The manga follows the plot of the Spring and Summer Troupe. First published in 2017. The status is completed. 

Mini Manga Series:[edit | edit source]

Series of short chapters of interactions between the troupe and staff members. No English translation has been published yet. Currently ongoing, each chapter published on Wednesday (JST).

Cast:[edit | edit source]

List of all the voice actors of the characters in A3!

Discography:[edit | edit source]

Songs and albums that are sung by the voice actors of the troupe members. 

PVs[edit | edit source]


【A3!】Third Year Anniversary PV


A3! Act 3 PV


【A3!】2nd Anniversary PV

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