Matsukawa Isuke (松川伊助) is the manager of Mankai Company. Although his appearance is shabby and he has a weak personality, his belief in Mankai Company is genuine. He first reaches out to the Director (by sending a letter to her father) seeking help in restoring the company to its former glory.


Isuke is a man with brown eyes and dark brown messy hair. He also has a very light stubble on his chin. He has eye bags under his eyes. He usually wears a shabby green blazer with yellow accents and long pants. The shirt he use is yellow striped with red and white polka dot bow tie.


Isuke has a cheerful personality and likes to joke around. He would often tease Sakyo, only to be threatened by him. He strongly believes that the Company can be saved and never loses hope for the theatre, even when everyone else is about to give up. He loves to tell urban legends about the theater. He is rather lazy and has no sense of shame, such as making others do things for himself. Matsukawa loves theater though, even if he is bad at acting.


Isuke is first introduced in the Prologue Chapter 1 - The Sacred Place of Theaters where he is seen trying to stop Sakoda and Sakyo from demolishing the theater. When Izumi wants to help him save the Theater, he gladly helps her and Sakuya to find more members.


  • His best friend is his bird Kamekichi but they also fight too.
  • He, along with Kashima Yuzo and Misumi is able to understand and communicate with Tetsuro.
  • He has been acting for eight years.
  • He is quite good at playing instruments and is noted by the other characters to have a nice voice.


Normal Home Screen Quotes

  • Want to talk to Kamekichi too?
  • That dumb bird! I am sure he only sees me as a perch to rest on!
  • you wanna know where my room is? Oh, you! Thinking of a midnight tryst, are we?
  • Have you heard the urban legends of the Mankai Company? I'd love to share them...
  • Good morning! Did we run out of rice? We can grab some from Kamekichi's bowl, then.

Practice Quotes

  • Let`s do a string of ad libs right here!
  • How did I do? No criticism, please! I have a sensitive heart!
  • Hmm... that didn`t come out right.

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