Sakyo dancing Mini manga
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"Such vague expressions I don't get them, next time make sure you only watch me."
Card Name Usui Masumi
【Standing Rehearsal】
【立ち稽古】 碓氷真澄
How to Obtain Initial

Available in every scout.

Backstage Story Memories of Curry
Card Stats
Rarity R
Attribute (min/max)* Comedy.png Comedy 1,345 / max
Action.png Action 840 / max
Drama.png Drama min / max
Max Rank Lv. 60
*Max refers to stats at maximum level (bloomed twice and completely special-trained.)
Lead Skill
Waiting for instruction
Max Rank Lv. 10
Effect (Initial) Small Co increase for all units.
Ad lib Skills
Cold Reception
Max Rank Lv. 4
Effect (Initial) 20% probability of Co increase



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