A3! Wiki
Part 1
Izumi So the stage directions and lighting for this scene need to be...
Oh, I guess I am a little hungry... I wonder what's in the fridge.
Izumi Wow. It's a barren wasteland here... I guess I'll run to the store and get something quick.
Tenma Hm? Heading out somewhere?
Izumi Yeah, just popping out to the store for a sec.
Tenma Perfect. Could you pick up another one of these batteries for me while you're out?
Izumi Ah, I'm not sure this store has the type you want.
Tenma Well, just get if it it's there.
Manager Oh, you wouldn't happen to be going to the store, would you? I have a terrible need for some of that mystery flavor soda...
Izumi Mystery what?
Manager It's this neat new drink they've been selling lately! Kazunari told me about it. They're stocking it in certain stores and there are all sorts of flavors.
There's a wasabi flavored one and a corn soup one too, just to name a few!
Izumi They make corn soup flavored soda? That's insane!
Tenma Wouldn't catch me dead drinking that.
Izumi Yeah, I think I'd pass on that too.
Manager I'm told it's surprisingly delicious. I'll let you pick the flavor, so be a doll and pick me up a bottle.
Izumi You aren't really winning me over on this, but... all right, one mystery soda, I guess.
Masumi Oh.
Izumi Welcome back, Masumi. Did you just get in?
Masumi Yeah. Where're you goin'?
Izumi I was feeling a little hungry, so I thought I'd run to the store.
I ended up getting asked to pick up a few things for the others, so is there anything you'd like?
Masumi You're hungry, huh...
That reminds me, I found a curry bread truck in town recently.
Izumi Wait, what? A curry bread truck?!
Masumi It looks popular. There's always a line. Heard it's pretty famous some towns over.
Izumi You know, I think I've heard about it before! Where can I find it?
Masumi It was in front of the grocery store when I saw it.
Izumi The grocery store, huh... Okay, that settles it. Masumi, lead the way!
Masumi You... you touched my hand...
You're so... bold. We're not even dating...
Izumi So is it the grocery store by the station?
Masumi You don't have to pull so hard. I would follow you through the depths of hell, you know...
Izumi There's no curry bread in hell! Come on! Which one was it?
Masumi You're even cute when you ignore me...