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Masumi's Hobbies1.png
Sakuya: Director, today's curry is also delicious!
Izumi: Really? That's great.
Masumi: Your curry is the best in the world...
Izumi: It's worth making it if you say that much.
Sakuya: ...by the way, Masumi-kun, you're always carrying headphones. What do you listen to?
Citron: I also want to know!
Masumi: ...anything is good. It has nothing to do with you guys.
Sakuya: I, I see...sorry...
Izumi: (Sakuya-kun looks down...)

Actually, I want to know as well.

Masumi: ...!

Director confessed to me.

Izumi: No, no, how did that happen?
Masumi: I listen to stuff like post-rock and progressive rock.
Sakuya: Post...rock?
Citron: It's rock music sung by the postman.
Sakuya: Really!?
Izumi: Citron-kun, don't give him that non-serious answer! I'm also not familiar with it, but I'm sure that's definitely a lie!
Sakuya: I, I was surprised. I was wondering if the postman was singing rock while delivering mail recently.
Masumi: Post-rock and progressive rock have "rock" in their names, but their songs feel like they're taking in other genres.
Izumi: Oh...
Sakuya: It must be difficult listening to it, right...
Citron: Recently, I listened to Japanese music.
Izumi: Eh?
Sakuya: Citron-san also listens to music? And it's Japanese?
Citron: Japanese culture is a treasure! Especially Shigin! (1) It's wonderful.
Izumi: Shigin!?
Sakuya: Shigin is definitely where you recite a poem to music, right?
Masumi: Shigin...
Citron: It touches my heart...Masumi, since I have a single of one, do you want me to lend it to you?
Masumi: No need. Not interested.
Izumi: Really? I've never listened to shigin, so I might be interested. It might be a future topic from now on.
Masumi: ...I'll listen to it too.
Sakuya: Huh!?
Citron: Oh, Masumi's attitude completely changed.
Izumi: If you're listening to it, then I'll listen to it too.
Citron: Well then, I'll give you two recommendations next time.
Masumi's Hobbies2.png
Citron: Saba~no~men~ ♪ 
Sakuya: Mackerel noodles? (2)
Masumi: Wrong. It's "Hana no en".
Citron: I see. It's not mackerel, but flower.
Izumi: Eh? Masumi-kun, you already memorized the shigin you borrowed the other day?
Masumi: Well, most of it.
Izumi: Amazing...! After all, Masumi-kun has an excellent memory.
Masumi: Of course. I memorized all of your personal data, from your blood type to your favorite things.
Izumi: ...I take back what I said about it being amazing.