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The Mankai Company is a theater company located at the end of Veludo Way, the so-called sacred place for theaters. It's a company with a rich and successful history, being built in 1991, and one of the few with its very own theater building and Dormitory.

In the past, during its golden age, it was famous for its concept of four different troupes, one for each season, which all had their own themes that range from comedy acts to action-packed stage plays. However, its successful history was years ago at a time Yukio Tachibana was the company director. Unfortunately, he disappeared without a trace. The company could not survive without him and soon after it got indebted to the yakuza.

Yet six years later, the day Sakyo Furuichi planned to tear down the theater building, Izumi Tachibana appeared and the story started.

The Theater

The Staff

Staff Actors
Member Role Spring Troupe Summer Troupe
Izumi Tachibana Director
Isuke Matsukawa Manager Autumn Troupe Winter Troupe
Yuzo Kashima Acting Coach
Tetsuro Iwai Prop Maker and Carpenter Ensemble Cast
Kamekichi Mascot
Tsuzuru Minagi Playwright
Yuki Rurikawa Costume Designer
Azami Izumida Makeup Artist
Kazunari Miyoshi Graphic Designer
Sakyo Furuichi Accountant
Omi Fushimi Cameraman
Ken Sakoda Errand Boy