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Genre Drama, Slice of Life
Author Liber Entertainment
Illustrator Muneyama Yoshimi
Publisher Comic ZERO-SUM
Publication Date May 27, 2017
Chapters 19
Status Complete

A3! is the manga based off of the popular game with the same name. It was illustrated by Muneyama Yoshimi and is currently complete. The A3! Manga is split into two parts, A3! SPRING and its sequel, A3! SUMMER. 

There also exists a Mini Manga Series that gives you a short tutorial as well as short scenes of the characters.


The first chapter of A3! SPRING was published on May 27, 2017. There are a total of two volumes and nine chapters.  The manga follows the story of the Spring Troupe. The last chapter was released on February 28, 2018. 


A letter brought Tachibana Izumi to Veludo Way, a city of theater. She faced conditions where Mankai Company, a troupe her father had directed, would be demolished by a yakuza, Sakyo, due to their large debt. But seeing Izumi's stubbornness, he gave her a chance and left her with a great challenge-- and a huge responsibility. 


The first chapter of A3! SUMMER was published on July 26, 2018. The manga hosts a total of two volumes and ten chapters. The manga is set following the storyline of Episode 2 - Summertime Survival. The final chapter was released one year later on July 26, 2019. 


After the Spring Troupe successfully made it through all their shows, the challenge isn't over as Izumi is troubled with gathering new members for the Summer Troupe. She manages to scrape through with just enough actors, however, the group is less than friendly with each other. Each day is met with new drama and arguing. Will they be able to make it through opening night?

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