Love is a Spiritual Experience

The following transcript is from the card Masumi Usui N 【Hanasaki High School】

Backstage Story
Izumi Hmm...
Izumi That's weird. I know it was around here somewhere.
Izumi I can't find it anywhere...
Izumi Okay, just calm down and think. When was the last time I saw it?
Tsuzuru (Flashback Start) Oh, hey Izumi. What are you writing?
Izumi I'm putting together some documents for our next performance. They're very important, so I have to make sure I don't lose them.
Itaru Actually, that reminds me, I have some papers to prepare for work tomorrow.
Tsuzuru And that reminds me that I still have a report to finish writing...
Tsuzuru Hey, why don't we bring our stuff here so we can work side-by-side?
Izumi Sounds good to me. Let's do it.
Itaru Best of luck, you two. I'm gonna hole up in my room. Peace.
Tsuzuru (End Flashback) Are you gaming again?!
Izumi After that I put them in an envelop and... Hmm...
Izumi I don't remember bringing it back to my room, so I thought I left it here, but I can't find it anywhere...
Izumi (There's no way it's actually down here, but I should check under the couch just in case.)
Izumi Sigh... No dice again.
Masumi ......
Izumi Oh, Masumi.
Masumi You were so cute hunched over and trying to fish something out from under the couch...
Izumi Literally nothing about that was cute.
Masumi Everything you do is cute.
Izumi Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in that head of yours...
Izumi ...Sigh. Anyway, I don't have time to talk right now.
Masumi What's wrong?
Izumi I'm looking for some documents, but I can't find them.
Masumi Documents?
Izumi Yes. I'm sure I left them somewhere around here about two days ago.
Masumi What'd they look like?
Izumi They were in a blue, A4-sized envelope.
Masumi Check that right bookshelf...Third drawer from the top.
Izumi Huh?
Masumi Your documents. You put them there the other day.
Izumi Did I?!
Izumi Oh my goodness! You're right...!
Masumi Told ya.
Izumi Thank you so much, Masumi! You're a real lifesaver. Though, I have to say, I'm impressed you knew where they were.
Masumi It was easy to remember 'cuz I watched you do it.
Izumi You saw me put the documents away?
Masumi I saw you checking them with the other guys too.
Izumi ...Oh, that makes sense. Wait a minute, no it doesn't! I don't remember you being here when that happened, Masumi.
Masumi I'm always watching you ♥.
Izumi ...Please stop.
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