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Love Out of Left Field tryouts banner.png

Event Duration

Start Part 1: 9/21/20 19.00 PDT End Part 1: 9/25/20 18.59 PDT
Start Part 2: 9/25/20 19:00 PDT End Part 2: 9/29/20 18:59 PDT

Start Combined: 9/29/20 19:00 PDT End Combined: 10/2/20 18:59 PDT

Part 1 Cards

Tenma Sumeragi SSR 【Incognito Day Game】
Misumi Ikaruga SR 【Lucky Golden Glove】
Kazunari Miyoshi R 【Love Out of Left Field】
【Incognito Day Game】 【Lucky Golden Glove】 【Love Out of Left Field】

Part 2 Cards

Kumon Hyodo SSR 【Summer of Baseball】
Yuki Rurikawa SR 【Hardworking Cheerleader】
Muku Sakisaka R 【Love Out of Left Field】
【Summer of Baseball】 【Hardworking Cheerleader】 【Love Out of Left Field】