Login Bonus, also known as Daily Gift is a set of bonus rewards you will receive each time you log in. Login Bonuses come in 2 types: Daily and Special. Rewards are usually Gems, but during event periods Special Login Bonuses will offer other items such as Supplies (Bento, Kame Box, etc.) or Training Items.

If you hit a certain streak of days, you will get a Bonus Gift. Your streak will not reset if you miss a day, but continue when you login the next time. If you miss a day, you resume from the day that you missed.

Daily Gift

Every day you login you will receive 1x Gem Diamond.png as a daily bonus. However, on a certain number of accumulated days you will receive an extra amount. You will also receive 5x Gems when login after being gone for a few days.

Streak Reward
10 Days x5 Gems Diamond.png
30 Days x10 Gems Diamond.png
30 Days x10 Gems Diamond.png
60 Days x10 Gems Diamond.png
100 Days x10 Gems Diamond.png
150 Days x15 Gems Diamond.png
Every 50 Days x20 Gems Diamond.png
365 Days x20 Gems Diamond.png
400 Days x20 Gems Diamond.png
Every 50 Days x20 Gems Diamond.png

Daily login bonus.png

New Player

When logging in for the first seven days, players will get x25 Gems Diamond.png for the first 6 days and x15 Premium Tokens Premium Medal.png on the last.

Day Reward
Day 1 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 2 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 3 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 4 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 5 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 6 x25 Gems Diamond.png
Day 7 x15 Premium Tokens Premium Medal.png

New player login bonus.png

Special Daily Gifts

On special occasions, you will also receive extra rewards. This is not limited to, Actor birthdays, Events and Campaigns, Anniversaries, hitting certain number of downloads or followers on Twitter, as well as other holidays. Rewards may include common items found in the inventory, as well as Cards.


Events usually give a pattern of Bentos and Kame Boxes, for a period of 6 days but exceptions apply. This is the general rule of follow:

Day Reward
Day 1 x1 Limited Kame Box Kamebuns Box.png
Day 2 x1 Limited Bento Bentou.png
Day 3 x1 Limited Kame Box Kamebuns Box.png
Day 4 x1 Limited Bento Bentou.png
Day 5 x1 Limited Kame Box Kamebuns Box.png
Day 6 x1 Limited Bento Bentou.png


Players will receive x15 Gems Diamond.png on each Actor's birthday.

Date Character Reward
Jan 13 Guy x15 Gems Diamond.png
Jan 22 Azuma x15 Gems Diamond.png
Feb 12 Homare x15 Gems Diamond.png
Feb 22 Tasuku x15 Gems Diamond.png
Mar 9 Sakuya x15 Gems Diamond.png
Mar 30 Masumi x15 Gems Diamond.png
Apr 9 Tsuzuru x15 Gems Diamond.png
Apr 15 Chikage x15 Gems Diamond.png
Apr 24 Itaru x15 Gems Diamond.png
May 15 Citron x15 Gems Diamond.png
Jun 6 Misumi x15 Gems Diamond.png
Jun 21 Tenma x15 Gems Diamond.png
Jul 8 Yuki x15 Gems Diamond.png
Jul 20 Kumon x15 Gems Diamond.png
Aug 1 Kazunari x15 Gems Diamond.png
Aug 30 Muku x15 Gems Diamond.png
Sep 9 Banri x15 Gems Diamond.png
Sep 27 Juza x15 Gems Diamond.png
Oct 11 Taichi x15 Gems Diamond.png
Oct 25 Azami x15 Gems Diamond.png
Nov 2 Omi x15 Gems Diamond.png
Nov 23 Sakyo x15 Gems Diamond.png
Dec 3 Hisoka x15 Gems Diamond.png
Dec 28 Tsumugi x15 Gems Diamond.png

Birthday special login bonus.png
Example Used: Juza's Birthday

Daily Login Lines

2 Actors each day will have a conversation, a total of 12 days that will repeat in a loop.

Day Lines Audio
Day 1 Sakuya: Tasuku! How can I become as buff as you?

Tasuku: You need to exercise and eat properly every day. Wanna go running together tomorrow?

Day 2 Masumi: I thought I was gonna die if I didn't see you. You'd better take responsibility and marry me.

Kazunari: The things Massu says sometimes are pretty cray, but also hilarious! Welcome back!

Day 3 Tsuzuru: Huh? Weren't you doing dinner today, Omi?

Omi: Yup. I'm thinking beef stroganoff or paella for tonight. Which do you prefer?

Day 4 Itaru: Oh, Banri. You can't clear this place without an item so watch out.

Banri: You're telling me this now?! Ugh, shit! Game Over... Seriously, I gotta use another Continue?

Day 5 Citron: Homare, you like very heart-working plays, yes?

Homare: Heart-working? I don't think that word is a part of my lexicon...

Day 6 Tenma: ...Why am I getting goosebumps?

Azuma: Oh, my. You have such an overactive imagination, Tenma. I don't mean any harm, so come here.

Day 7 Yuki: Pay attention when you're sewing, you dumb dog! Sheesh, don't cry to me when you hurt yourself...

Taichi: Yukiiii, I can't pin this properly, it's too hard... Oh, welcome back!

Day 8 Muku: Oh yay, you brought cake! Should I pick the chocolate or strawberry shortcake?

Juza: We can share. You can have the strawberry from my cake, Muku.

Day 9 Misumi: Hey! That marshmallow looks like a triangle!

Hisoka: Too bad. It's a rhombus.

Day 10 Tsumugi: Sakyo... You seem more tired than usual. If you want to talk, I'm always available.

Sakyo: Tch... Don't get too close. It always feels like you can see right into my mind, and I don't like it.

Day 11 Chikage: Today's spice is this, clove. It has a wonderful smell.

Guy: Glove? Are we having a baseball game?

Day 12 Kumon: Hey hey Azami! Ya think you could transform my face to look like Juza's with makeup?

Azami: You have a similar face structure, so if I make your eyes more slanted it could work... I'll try later to see if I can.

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