The Limited Time Tryouts will be the first gacha in the Tryouts Tab if there is one. This tryout is only available for a limited time, and there may be multiple depending on the current Event(s), and some limited-time cards will be available to pull. Non-event cards may also be pulled from this gacha. When doing a 10x pull, an SR card and above will be guaranteed. There are rate-ups for the limited edition cards.

Limited Time Tryouts come in two types: Event Paired and Unpaired.

Event Paired

Tryouts with their paired Event or Campaign will have an Event or Campaign bonus, displayed with a star Boost Icon.png Campaign bonus icon.png icon. The Event cards you can obtain in the Event Tryouts will only be available in the tryout for that allotted time, however it may be rerun in the future.

Example used: Knox's Ten Commandments, paired with the My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery Event.

Tryouts may come back in the future in so-called Revival Tryouts. Revival Tryouts are not to be confused with Revival Events, as the two are unrelated. These Tryouts are only a chance to get cards you have missed out on. The rates for getting the limited-time SSR or SR card will be boosted.

Knox's Ten Commandments Revival Tryout Banner.png
Example used: Knox's Ten Commandments - Revival


Other Events are not paired with an Event and those cards do not offer boosts, and may be Revived in the future as well.

Boys Over Fruits Scout Banner.png
Example used: Boys Over Fruits Tryouts, not paired with any Event.


Tryouts start at 19:00 PST/PDT and end on 18:59 PST/PDT. There is no set number of days, but generally most Tryouts unassociated with Events last for a total of 10-11 days, counting the first.


Type # of Pulls Cost Rarity
Gems Diamond.png Single Pull x15 Gems R-SSR
Gems Diamond.png 10 Pull x145 Gems R-SSR (1 SR+ guaranteed)

Past Limited Time Tryouts

To see past Revival Tryouts, see the page.

1st anniversary autumn & winter tryouts banner.png
1st Anniversary: Autumn & Winter
October 8 - October 31
1st anniversary spring & summer tryouts banner.png
1st Anniversary: Spring & Summer
October 8 - October 31
Love Out of Left Field tryouts banner.png
Love Out of Left Field
September 21 - October 2
The wonderful charlatan of oz tryouts banner.png
The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz
September 3 - September 14
Ticket to Ride Scout Banner.png
Ticket to Ride
August 1 - September 1
Jiangshi Showdown Scout Banner.png
Jiangshi Showdown!
August 14 - August 28
Night walkers scout banner.png
Night Walkers
August 2 - August 17
A Nightmare on Veludo Way.png
A Nightmare on Veludo Way
July 16 - August 2
Boys Over Fruits Scout Banner.png
Boys Over Fruits
July 6 - July 16
The Meaning of Honor scout banner.jpg
Way of the Yakuza
June 25 - July 11
Among the Autumn Leaves Scout Banner.png
Among the Autumn Leaves
June 21 - July 1
Good good night scout banner.jpg
Have a Good Night!
June 11 - June 25
Treasure DAYS banner.jpg
Treasured Days
May 25 - June 5
Guilty Summer Rock Fes banner.jpg
Guilty Summer Rock Fest
May 19 - June 1
Heated Gaze Beachside banner.jpg
Hot Summer Gaze
May 6 - May 25
Ayakashi Midnight.jpg
Midnight Ayakashi
April 27 - May 6
Daydreaming gear.jpg
Cogs of a Waking Dream
April 16 - May 6
Listen carefully scout banner.jpg
Chimes in the Summer Wind
April 2 - April 16
Actors cafe.jpg
Actor's Cafe
March 22 - April 2
Knox's Ten Commandments
March 12 - March 29
Say I do tryout banner.png
Say I Do!
February 26 - March 11
Magical Dog Circus.png
Magical Dog Circus
February 16 - February 25
The ruined future.png
No Man's Land
February 9 - February 25
February Magic
February 3 - February 15
Camp! Camp! Camp!
January 23 - February 9
Lazy Sunday with the Cats
January 6 - January 23
Sakura Diaries
December 19 - January 5
Japanese Culture Club
December 12 - December 26
Pour tea mad.jpg
Mad Tea Party
December 2 - December 19
Wandering Highway
November 12 - December 1
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