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Lazy Sunday with the Cats Tryouts banner

Event Duration

Start: January 6, 2020 19:00 PST

End: January 23, 2020 18:59 PST


Revival Event

Start: September 16, 2020 19:00

End: September 18, 2020 18:59 PST

Important:This is only a chance to get previous tryout cards that you missed, and there will not be a revival event paired with it.

Limited Time Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed. Other cards you can obtain from this tryout can be found here.

Kazunari Miyoshi SSR 【Our Little Kitty Secret】
Tenma Sumeragi SR 【Hands Off, Please】
Misumi Ikaruga R 【The Great Sardine Search】
【Our Little Kitty Secret】 【Hands Off, Please】 【The Great Sardine Search】